Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coach's Corner: "Matching Test"

----Does everyone remember those matching tests we had in school?? Well, in this special edition of Coach’s Corner, I will give you the opportunity to test your knowledge of the wrestlers in this area. I will be posting the results later this week with what your scores mean. Just put the number along with the wrestler it matches.

1: He has worked the same match for over 15 years. “Hide the chain” is his favorite move. One of Jimmy Blaylock’s favorite wrestler. Trained Dustin Starr.

2: He may like men more than women. Known as a high flyer. Been called a “spot monkey” for years and loves to work hardcore matches. He has turned into a solid worker.

3: Not a fan of the Yearbook 2007. He doesn’t like the word “fact”. He has wrestled Jerry Lawler on a few big shows. He was bigger in 2008 than in 2007.

4: Bitter about not being nominated in the tag team award. Plays with girl toys. Tag team partner looks like a mini him.

5: He has taken hardcore to a different extent in this area. Does not like NEW or the style that Ken Wayne is trying to promote. Promotes in bars and sometimes without a ring.

6: He will tag with a local legend. His son was featured on the site and in Yearbook 2007. Considered one of the top guys in the area. Had one of the highest rated “Shooting the Shiznit” shows.

7: He was the first pick to team with Bobby Eaton. Took a boot to the face and never came back. Good solid worker.

8: One of the top promoters in the area. Owns a medical supply company. He wrestled in high school.

9: A second generation worker. His dad worked for Rampage Championship Wrestling. Another high flyer. He got married at wrestling.

10: He is considered an asshole to most in the area. He does not have to rely on wrestling as he has other projects including T-shirts and hockey.

11: 3rd generation worker. Considered BT’s “boy”. Get more heat in this area than any other worker, besides Dustin Starr.

12: His shoot job is a family business where he works with his Dad and wife. Trained by a legend. Has worked on all of the top attended shows this year.

13: He retired. He has trained with the Memphis Police Department. He may be unretired now. One of the top performers in the area.

14: One of the top performers in the area. His wife is also in the business. His real name is Brian.

15: He likes to pose nude. A second generation worker. Wife’s family has been involved in the business for years.

16: His wife, brother, sister-in-law and dad were workers. His son is in the business now. Has everyone heard the “penis” story??

17: He likes to talk during wrestling matches and wears a suit while doing it. Wife is gifted.

18: He should be given more credit than he gets for running an honest website. He likes big booby women. Jerry Lawler once was quoted as saying, “Nothing athletic about him, but his feet” about him.

19: Tag team wrestler. Real name is David. His age is not exactly what it says on his myspace account.

20: Tag Team wrestler. Real name is David. He has wrestled Ric Flair and Bobo Brazil.

Austin Lane
Brian Thompson/John Steele
Brian Tramel
Christian Jacobs
Don Bass
Dustin Starr
Eric Wayne
Frank Martin
Greg Anthony
Ken Wayne
Kevin White
Motley Cruz
Neil Taylor
Ray Ray
Reno Diamond
Scott Fury
Tim Edwards
Tommy Wayne
Tony Myers