Thursday, March 26, 2009

CWA - SSW News Release and RassleResults!!

March 23, 2009 - We want to thank all the fans that come out this past weekend to witness our 5th Anniversary Event in Kingsport, TN... What a night it was!

War Games proved to be a bloody spectacle as advertised with 6 of the 8 competitors being busted open during the match... Nick Hammonds who was originally scheduled to compete in War Games had to pull out with a neck injury, which forced "Sensational" Wayne Adkins to pull double duty at the 5th Anniversary:

Earlier in the Night, Adkins & his replacement partner, Ray Idol gave World Tag Team Champions, KMF Inc. a run for their. But in the end, Richards & Fury retained their titles due to interference from Ray Idol... However, KMF was not done for the night... As Adkins entered the cage as the 4th member of the G1 team in War Games, KMF Inc. & Eric Darkstorm came to ringside to try to intimidated Nick Hammonds. Adkins saw what was going on and climbed to the top of the cage and dove off to the floor onto members of John Hawkins Promotions... This started a brawl that ensued with Adkins, Ray Idol & JHP that spilled out into the hallway and into the parking lot of Civic Auditorium. On this coming week's addition of Championship Wrestling we will see exclusive footage of the that brawl.

With Adkins out of the match the team of Beau James, Brian Logan & The Varsity Shooter Society took a 4 on 3 advantage on G1... The Varsity Shooter Society dumped Robbie Cassidy & Moe Jenkins outside of the cage while James & Logan stayed in the ring to double team Tony Givens... The VVS handcuffed Moe Jenkins outside the cage and beat him down with a police baton... Cassidy scaled the cage and came back into the ring with a cross body from the top of the cage onto Brian Logan.... This lead to Givens vs. Beau James 1 on 1... James tried to use his whip on Givens, but Givens blocked the whip... Ashlee Hope tried to get into the cage, but was taken down by Misty James... Givens wrapped James' own whip around his neck and repeatedly elbowed him in the face until referee, Brandon Cox stopped the match and declared G1 the victors!

Even after this bloody battle, the feud between G1 and the 1st Family continues... This Saturday Night at the Kingsport National Guard Armory, Tony Givens will take on Beau James in a Coward Waves the Flag Match. Ashlee Hope will be in Beau James' corner and in Tony Givens' corner: Beau's own wife, Misty James. Both women will be holding a white flag and when they feel that their wrestler can no longer continue they will wave the flag.

Also this Saturday in Kingsport, National Heavyweight Champion, Robbie Cassidy will take on former WCW, WWF and SMW star, Tracy Smothers... Smothers has been brought by Beau James specifically to take out Robbie Cassidy!