Friday, March 27, 2009

The Golden Circle: "The Second Generation... Curse?" by Greg Anthony

----In August, 2006, Greg Anthony was going to attempt to send a regular column to RRO. Well, this his is second effort in the last two years. LOL It doesn't make it a bad article though. I have talked with TGB and he is going "try" to do a bi-weekly column. CLICK HERE to go to the Kayfabe Board and let him know what you thought of the column and feedback.

The title is catchy but misleading. No, I don't think that second generation superstars are plagued by a mysterious curse that leaves them just a shade less talented than their namesakes. The curse that I speak of is the curse that second generation wrestlers leave on the rest. Lets take a look at Legacy; Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase. All three are very, very talented individuals and rightful deserve a place in the most successful wrestling company. But Legacy also had a talented young man named Manu. What happened to him? I felt Manu deserved a spot on any of the three WWE rosters. Did I feel he belonged in Legacy? No, I did not but that wasn't because a lack of talent.

This is where the curse comes into play. How many first generation wrestlers were passed up because they signed Manu? Manu for as talented as he is had very little impact on the company and was soon wished his "future endeavors". I would love to have seen a next gen Samoan tag team with Manu and Umaga but at last it wasn't to be. So how many guys out there were so close to fullfilling their dreams of having a WWE contract just to have it given to a second generation wrestler?

Wrestling truly has become a "Brand" business. Each wrestler is a namebrand much like Coke or McDonalds. So when something like Coke Zero or Cody Rhodes comes along the consumer or wrestling fan can easily identify with them. Because like Coke, Rhodes is a household name at least in pro wrestling. Its a very sound and smart business strategy.

In this area alone there are guys like Derrick King, Alan Steele, Dustin Starr, Flash Flanagan and Picture Perfect that wouldn't look one bit out of place on WWE programming. If they are not that they aren't talented enough, I highly doubt it. Maybe they are victims of The Second Generation Curse.

Maybe this is just justification for people I think deserve to have those spots. Maybe its all in my head like the Boston Redsox and The Curse of the Bambino. Or maybe, just maybe I could be right. I promise either way we can all have a reason for not having a job, unless you're Eric Wayne. And when "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony makes a promise, its as good as gold