Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jerkin' The Curtain Memories of Steven Doll/Dunn show Monday, March 30th @ 10 PM CST

Listen in this coming Monday night, March 30th at 10 PM central time for a special episode of Jerkin' The Curtain. We'll be doing a "Memories of Steven Doll/Dunn" show. Reno Riggins will be calling in to talk about his long time friend and partner. Anyone who wants to call in and talk about your memories of Steven Doll/Dunn, please feel free, it's open to anyone who knew him, or even fans who have memories of any of his matches. Anyone who knew him and wants to call in Monday night, if you can, please send me a "heads up" e-mail to that you might be calling in, just so I kinda know who to expect. Thanks, Trent