Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jerkin' The Curtain NWAME, SAW, & NWA Cyberslam TV reviews Monday, March 16th @ 10 PM CST.

Well....For those of you who requested we bring TV reviews back to the Curtain, you got it in spades! Tommy Stewart and I have our work cut out for us this week as we will be reviewing 3 shows, namely NWA Main Event, which made it's re-debut on Nashville television on Comcast 74 Saturday, March 14th, SAW episode #82, and the 2nd episode of the internet only NWA Cyberslam. All three of these shows can be watched online, so you can watch the shows, then listen to our reviews and see if you agree or disagree, or even call in or e-mail during the show and give your views as we do. Or, you can not watch the shows and just listen to JTC to see what we have to say about them. Or, you can just watch the shows and not listen to our crap. Or, you can not watch the shows, and not listen to this show, which would make you a total dufus, but that's your call! If you want to watch any or all of these shows online, here's how.
NWA Main Event
Send them a friend request to their myspace at and when they add you as a friend you can watch the show on their myspace page. Also, they have a youtube page with a lot of older, and newer nwame stuff on it at

SAW... They have several episodes up there.

NWA Cyberslam..