Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jim Ross Talks About The King

----This is from Jim Ross' blog. CLICK HERE to read it all. I really hate it that they are wasting the Jericho match for TV and Lawler is not getting to work Wrestlemania.

Next Monday night in Dallas on Raw it will apparently be Jericho vs. "the King" Jerry Lawler and I know that the King will make a good accounting of himself as Jerry is still wrestling a great deal these days on the indy circuit. Kingfish told me that he had matches scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week so there will be no ring rust on Lawler come Monday night. Lawler is a master strategist that can accomplish more with less than virtually anyone in WWE and hope the young bucks pay attention to King's presentation Monday night as he has forgotten more about bell to bell than the vast majority of the "kids" on any roster.

From the looks of things it seems that Jerry's life long dream of wrestling at Wrestlemania will have to wait another year which is unfortunate in my biased albeit humble opinion.