Friday, March 13, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 3.07.09

----The show is still doing much better than last year running about 28% better overall. The show Saturday scored an overall 1.2 [19438 viewers] making it the 3rd highest rated show this year. The show had a small increase in the second quarter, but then settled into 1.1, which it did for three of the four quarters. Although they did not have an increase in the 4th Quarter, no one turned it off, so that is a good thing. The show was up 33% from last week’s show after the arena show in Minglewood and a 13% over the 2009 overall average. The way the numbers looked, I would say the White vs Starr bout got the most ratings of the show.

Overall 1.2 [19438 viewers]
1st Quarter
-Beth Paige singing
-Bass with Blaylock vs King Corbra
-Starr vs White [start]
1.1 [17818 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-Starr vs White [finish]
-Austin Idol interview
-Idol vs Tony Falk
-Lawler/Renee angle with Yung/White [start]
1.4 [22677 viewers] [+4859 viewers]

3rd Quarter
-Brian C vs Doug – Hardcore
-Sid interview [start]
1.1 [17818 viewers] [-4859 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Sid interview [finish]
1.1 [17818 viewers] [no change]
Start to finish [no change]


----Minglewood building looked good…Bass bout was “hide the chain” – he has been doing that for over 20 years. Not a good bout, but fans seem to be in it…At least Blaylock was in black, instead of the white suit. He looks meaner in black…White vs Starr was a short solid bout – nothing special, but flawless and perfect psychology…Su Yung looked nice…Starr is in great shape…Fans seems to like the cat fight. This stuff has been done so many times, it is boring to me…Hardcore match was over with the fans. Tia Blaylock, D-Rock and Burcham front row…Sid saying, “Jackie Fargo or your ugly girlfriend.” was funny…Vicious is in great shape…Lawler’s roll up of Sid out of the corner was hilarious. What were they thinking?? Sid then fell down before Lawler could punch him. Not a good match…Best bout was White vs Starr…Good to see original programming.