Friday, March 20, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 3.14.09

----I do not have a list of what aired in what quarter due to the fact that only about 20 minutes of this show aired on Direct TV. I am not sure if it did not air in other markets, but do know it aired on Dish Network. The show was an “Andy Kaufman” special with all Kaufman stuff. I hate it that they had original programming and good numbers and then air this old stuff. I feel the old stuff is bad for two reasons. #1: A lot of people do not want to watch it AGAIN!! #2: Those that do watch it, then remember how good the “old days” were - the stuff they put on TV these days does not compare.

----The show finished with a .7 [11339 viewers], which is actually a 31% less than average for this year and almost hand in hand with last year. The show had an increase of over 8000 viewers in the last quarter scoring the highest, which makes me think Direct TV was not the only service that was not airing the first three quarters of this show. I may soon add the “What was Memphis watching?” number again to the mix, but just kicks – Memphis Tigers came scored a 12.2 with almost 200,000 viewers watching it on the CBS Memphis affiliate.

Overall .7 [11339 viewers]

1st Quarter
.3 [4859 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
.8 [12958 viewers] [+8099]

3rd Quarter
.6 [9719 viewers] [-3239]

4th Quarter
1.1 [17818 viewers] [+8099]

From start to finish [+12959 viewers]