Friday, March 27, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 3.21.09

----The 3.21.09 Memphis Wrestling TV show finished with the same overall ratings .7 [11339 viewers] as last week, which is putting it around 30% lower than average ratings this year. This week’s show was roller coaster ride going up and down and up and down. Bad news with them ending the show with half of viewers they had in the 3rd quarter. That means no one cared what was going on.

Overall: .7 [11339 viewers]

1st Quarter
.7 [11339 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
.5 [8099 viewers] [-3240 viewers]

3rd Quarter
1.0 [16198 viewers] [+8099 viewers]

4th Quarter
.5 [8099 viewers] [-8099 viewers]

Start to finish: -3240 viewers

What was Memphis watching?? [Top rated show during the same time slot]
“Road to Final Four” 6.7 [108,527 viewers] CBC Affiliate