Sunday, March 29, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 3.28.09

Just like every Saturday night, Rickey Rowland would bring out our nations flag for the playing of our national anthem followed by a 10 Bell Salute to the father of ASWF’s McDaddy and Father-in-law of Johnny Harper.

After that was as said and done just as McDaddy was leaving the ring to go to the back Judgment would interrupt and start bad mouthing McDaddy. Well this wouldn’t last for long as McDaddy would open up a case on Judgment. He would then roll him up for a pin and get a 1, 2, 3 from Ricky Rowland.

Just as the first match was about to start a familiar song would start playing. After a two week absence Commissioner T-Bone Terrence Ward would return to the announcing table. The Commissioner would tell Ricky that our normal referee was absent and he would be filling in as the referee for the evening.

1st Match: Battle Royal
This match really lived up to its name. An action packed, adrenaline fueled, thrill ride of a match. All would stand tall in this match putting on a great effort. However at the end Idol Bane would eliminate Cody Murdoch for the win.

2nd Match: One Fall
Jamie Jay vs. Johnny Morton
Jamie Jay is a name that everyone in the Mid-South has surely heard of. He would make his return to the ASWF to take on Johnny Morton. Morton would fall short and give Jamie Jay would take home the victory.

3rd Match: ASWF Tag Team Title Match
Danger Zone (John Ellison/David Cox) vs. Johnny Hawk/Caleb King
This match would be long and grueling as neither side wanted to give an inch. With the titles being on the line, who would give and inch? Both teams fought until they could not compete any more. Johnny Hawk and Caleb King would walk away victorious.

4th Match: One Fall
Tommy Wayne vs. “Mr. Muscle” Morgan Williams with Athena Eclipse
A match filled with momentum. At the end of the match Morgan Williams would execute the muscle cutter on Tommy Wayne, but to his surprise Wayne would kick out before the three. And with a little motivation from the fans Tommy Wayne would make a huge comeback and win the match.

5th Match: Handicap Tag Team Match
“Outlaw” Don Bass/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock/Rodney Grimes vs. Casino/Demon X
If you were to categorize this match it would have been part comedy and part action. Casino and Demon X would give Jimmy Blaylock and Don Bass exactly what they deserved. After an amazing double roll up pin by Casino and Demon X they would get the 1, 2, 3 and go on to enforce the stipulations of the match. Casino would handcuff Don Bass to the ropes. They would make Hollywood Jimmy wear a pig mask and salute the Arkansas Razorback flag. Then they would put “Mega Man” Rodney Grimes in a red dress.

6th Match: One Fall
Ray Ray [pictured] vs. X-Kaliber
Before Ray’s music would come to an end he was already into the ring. The referee had a hard time controlling the match due to the pent up anger in between these two superstars. X would win by submission. Ray would pass out and lose the match.
182 in crowd

Credit: ASWFace