Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 3.14.09

Allen Walker out in the ring hyping DCW Springbreakout for April the 11th. He welcomed everyone to the show., but he then told the crowd that he had an issue that he wanted to address. He calls out none Seth Knight. When Seth gets into the ring Allen calls him the most lucky man in the world cause he survived Tim Edwards and Motley Cruz last week. He had a special match for Seth tonight.
first match: Shannon Lee beat Rockin Randy. This is the best lee has looked ever. These two guys have had a great couple of matches with Randy winning one and Lee winning one.

second match: Start of the tag team tourny Tim Edwards and Motley Cruz beat Kilo and the “Baron” Malkavain. Top match of the night. Alot of action in this one. Finish saw the Baron flying around the ring taking both Edwards and Cruz down and out of the ring. Kilo goes to drag Edwards back in the ring when out of no where Edwards hits kilo in the head with a stop sign for the pin. Edwards then told Kilo that the sign shot was a present from a friend.

third match: Seth Knight beat Rockin Randy by dq when Edwards and Cruz came to the ring and interfered. They got the upper hand on Seth for a minute when Shannon Lee hit the ring. Kilo made the save.

After match Seth demands a 6 man tag match later in the night. Allen Walker is not wanting to give it to them but Edwards comes back out and tells Allen to make the match because he can guarantee that Knight will not make it in the ring.

forth match: Chris Rocker beat Bishop to get his five minutes in the ring with Rashard Devon. After the finish Devon presented a contract that said he would have to wrestle Rocker, but not tonight.

main event:Seth Knight,Kilo and Shannon Lee beat Rockin Randy, Tim Edwards and Cruz. This match was wild from the start. Edwards made true on his promise that Knight would not make it in the ring. At the beginning of the match Randy and Cruz came to the ring without Edwards. Allen told the crowd that Edwards was not coming to the ring to compete so it would be a tag match. As Seth came to the ring, Edwards jumped him and handcuffed him to the pole. At about the 15 minute mark, the lights go out and “Baron” makes his way to the ring. He does not get in, he just goes over and breaks the handcuffs for Knight to get free to pin Lee.

140 in the building…Biggest pop of the night was when Baron broke the handcuffs...Derrick King returns next week. He was working in the Nashville area.

Credit: Spirit1990

----This group has their SpringBreakOut on the same date as NBW. I have been told NBW might be changing there date...EWE will be present a show the same night called "NOT Spring BreakOut 2009". LOL Just kidding...Book Tour 2009 will making a stop Saturday night at DCW!!