Monday, March 30, 2009

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 3.28.09

DCW Spring BreakOut Scramble March 28th 2009

The show opened with the “5 Starr” Showcase with Dustin talking about who was to blame for the abduction of Angelina he said it was not Jimmy Tidwell’s fault but that it was someone he trusted and that was DK which prompted DK to come out and DK proceeded to tell Dustin he did what he said and that was he beat the Vampire 123 in that ring. And that if anyone was to blame for Angelina's [pictured above with Malkavain] abduction it was Kilo. So they issued a Challenge to Kilo for a tag match later on...DK and 5 Starr vs Kilo and a partner of his choice.

1st Match was a tag match featuring Shannon Lee and Justin the Juice Smart vs Tim Edwards and his new tag partner Big Red...The match was ok with Tim and Red keeping the heat on Shannon Lee and keeping Justin out of the match. Finally Shannon got the hot tag and Justin came in firing away but the met the Big boot of Big Red as Big red was setting up for the chokeslam Justin got away and hit Red with 2 dropkicks and then out of nowhere Weezy and Rockin Randy hit the ring causing Tim and Red to get DQ'd...And this didn’t sit too well with Tim & Red so they challenged Randy and Weezy to a tag match to decide the DCW tag champs at Spring Breakout.

2nd match saw Mark Anthony vs Chris Rocker still injured from last week with his shoulder taped up. This was one of the best matches of the night with Mark working the shoulder of Rocker for the most part of the match and with Rocker hitting the frog splash from out of nowhere to get the win. After the match Bishop and Rashard hit the ring and double teamed on injured Rocker and Rashard got on the mic and challenged Rocker to a match for later on in the night this whole segment got over real well and the heat stayed where it was supposed to in the ring on Rocker.

Next the original NXN Rude and Tully came to the ring and had a little comedy but also accepted the match with the BLS for Spring Breakout. Nice pop.

Next match was Flash Flanagan vs Seth Knight. if Seth lost he was to leave DCW and Allen Walker was barred from ringside well Allen was not at ringside but instead he made himself the special guest ref. This match had great psychology and the fans were into the match with Allen reffing Seth couldn’t do anything every time Seth tried to make a comeback Walker was there to stop him or block his punch. Seth and the fans were getting angry even to the point that Seth was fixing to hit Allen but didn’t because he didn’t to get DQ'd and have to leave DCW but the finish saw Allen holding Seth and Flash charging but Seth broke free and Flash knocked Allen out and lash with his finisher but no ref to make the count and as Seth was trying to get Allen up Flash went to nail him with the kendo stick and Seth blocked and hit him again with his finisher and out came William Gibson to make the 123 and Seth won the match and got the biggest Pop of the night.

Next match was Rashard Devon vs Chris Rocker...good pop good story...Bishop and Rashard brought handcuffs to the ring. Somehow Rocker got a hold of the handcuffs and handcuffed Bishop to the ropes that let him to have a few minutes alone with Rashard while Bishop was handcuffed to the ropes. Rocker stripped Rashard off his pants revealing a BIG Brown dookie stain in his tighty whites. The Randy and Weezy came out with the key and unlocked Bishop while Rocker was whipping Rashard with a belt. Bishop ran in and cut Rocker off they were double teaming Rocker working on the shoulder when Coco left the stand to come help rocker and got a few licks in on Rashard until Bishop hit him and then they tazed him and they left them laying good match great crowd reaction.

Next Flash came out and challenged Flex to a match for Spring Breakout.
Main event Dustin Starr and Derrick King vs Kilo and “Baron” Malkavain....The match was good even though Dustin could not concentrate on the match cause he was trying to get Angelina's attention he was crying and whining the whole match. The finish being that Baron hit his finisher and got the 123. Aftermath was then tied Kilo in the ropes and put baron in the coffin and grabbed Angelina and was talking to her and Dustin asked for a kiss and instead got a big slap in the face from her crowd went nuts. Kilo and Baron got back into ring and cleared it out but not without Dustin challenging the vampire to a Casket match at Spring Breakout and DK vs Kilo at Spring what a night crowd was really into the show Spring Breakout is turning out to be a big night and more announcements next week.

Crowd was in the 120-140 range.

Credit: DCWdude

----Who is Mark Anthony??...I know that thing with Rashard probably got a good pop, but I have never understood that?? Why do babyfaces want to take heel managers’ pants off??