Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 3.07.09 - TGB GETS HEAD SHAVED!!

Commissioner comes out to address the close to 100 in attendance as the show starts. He talks about how "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony came into Stan Lee's match, and cut his hair after it ended. Stan Lee agreed to defend his title tonight against Greg Anthony. He says if Greg wins, he will be EWE champion, but if he loses, Stan Lee will not only retain the title, but he will shave Golden Boys hair in the middle of the ring tonight. He walks out of the ring as the first match is set to get underway.

Jon Michael def. J.R. Manson via pinfall. After the match, a video is played on the screen by Scott Adams, saying that if he thinks his back hurts, now, just wait. Scott says he's the biggest, baddest, and the most dominant in the EWE. The video cuts and Jon Michael walks to the locker room.

The Badd Guys def. Greg King Jr. and Cody Melton via pinfall.

Christian Jacobs def. Ike Tucker via pinfall. By winning this match, C.J qualifies for the Elite 8 Tournament that will happen at EWE Mayhem. More details will be released in the coming weeks.

A video is shown on the screen showing that Kevin White will be at next weeks show.

Alex Krisis def. Tommy Jones via pinfall.

Kid Nikels def. Shawn Reed via pinfall.

Chris O'Neal def. Eric Wayne via pinfall.

The main event is the match between Golden Boy and Stan Lee. After K.C. Gold distracts the ref while holding a chair, K.C. slips the chair into the ring, Golden Boy grabs it and hits Stan Lee, and gets the in on Stan. Golden Boy and K.C. Gold make a run for the locker room, but Commissioner Baker comes out, snatches the belt from Golden Boy and tells him to get back out there. He saw what Golden Boy did, and he says that this match continues. Golden Boy goes back into the ring and tries to submit Stan Lee. Stan kicks Golden Boy to the ropes, Golden Boy comes back and gets rolled by Stan for the pin. Stan Lee retains the title, and now gets to shave Golden Boys head.

Before Stan starts to cut Golden Boys hair, K.C. Gold steps up on the ring and starts to argue with Commissioner Baker. K.C. pushes Baker a couple of times, but Baker comes back with a punch across the face of K.C. Gold. He then tells Golden Boy to sit down, and Stan Lee cuts off his pony tail with a pair of scissors. A group of EWE superstars gather around the ring as Ike Tucker gets a pair of clippers, and hands it to Stan. He goes to work on Golden Boys hair, but in the middle of cutting, the guard comes off. Stan looks at Golden Boy, then the Commissioner, then goes to work on Golden Boys head with no guard, shaving him down to the scalp. After is all said and done, Stan holds up a mirror to let Golden Boy see his handy work. Greg and K.C. Gold leave the arena as fans flock to Stan to congratulate him on a job well done.

Full videos of the matches can be found at www.elitewrestlingentertainment.com.

Credit: Dustin Williams

----You got to give TGB props in sticking with the stips and getting a full shaven head. But, part of me is thinking - what were they thinking doing this in front of 100 people?? LOL This was a total surprise to me even though I told, "You should be in Ripley on March 7th" a few weeks back, I never thought TGB would lose his hair. This coming just a few weeks after the formation of "Midnight Gold" and with the hair, TGB had that "80s" look going...The top 2 rookies in the area as a team - King Jr/Cody Melton...Kevin White coming in should be good for them...I hope to be able to attended the Elite 8 tournament.