Tuesday, March 03, 2009

RassleResults: Memphis Wrestling Classics Minglewood Hall Memphis, TN 2.28.09

----A few stories coming out of this show. The return of Memphis Wrestling to Memphis was considered very successful. There was a BLIZZARD in the area, as you can tell by the photos below. The company drew about 400 people and would have been lots more if it would have not been for the snow. This is the 3rd show of the year that Jerry Lawler has been featured on a show drawing in the 400 range.

----The other news coming out of the show was the return of Dustin Starr [pictured at the Riverkings game] to Memphis Wrestling. Starr appeared only on one show with the Memphis Wrestling crew last year in June in Selmer, TN. He was not featured in any major shows after the TV show quit taping original programming and he was actually one of their champs. I am not sure if we will see Starr on more shows in the future, but Starr is now associated with the Memphis Sport magazine and the Riverkings. Memphis Wrestling using him would benefit them as it would lead to free publicity. Starr has already written a quick blog about working both hockey and wrestling - CLICK HERE - and plans to write one on the horrible road conditions.

----After both Jimmy Blaylock and I were talking about no one wanting to book him on "Shooting the Shiznit" he shows up at Memphis Wrestling two days later. As I noted above it has been a long process of his return and we do not even know if he will be featured on future shows. Did it surprise me?? It did a bit, but Doug Gilbert works for Jerry Lawler - Starr has no REAL heat compared to what Lawler/Gilbert had at one time. I was told that Blaylock and Starr had very few words to say to each other backstage. And I thought it was funny that Starr was on the show, but was not featured in any of the photos. CLICK HERE to see pics by Tia Blaylock from the show.

The lovely Beth Paige kicked off the night by singing her incredible rendition of the National Anthem. KIX 106's Brian Elder was the special host and ring announcer for the night's festivities.

Elder tried to get the ball rolling, by introducing "Outlaw" Don Bass, but he didn't do a good enough job, so "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock came out to show him how it's done.

Opening Match-"Outlaw" Don Bass managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs King Cobra-

Elder billed Cobra as coming in, "All the way from Memphis". Thought that was funny, considering they were in Memphis. Bass started the match by wrapping up one of his trusty chains. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough on this night for Paw-Paw...I mean, "Outlaw" Don Bass, because as "Hollywood" distracted Cobra, Bass tried to nail Cobra with a devastating punch, but the speedy Cobra ducked out of the way, with Bass knocking Jimmy off the apron. Cobra rolled up Bass to get the win.

"Dangerous" Doug Gilbert made his way out with his baseball bat, kendo stick, and towel over his head. Doug said he noticed that during his entrance that there was not too much cheering going on and a lot of stupid people booing. He gave them a quick history lesson on his family and then said he was tired of talking to ignorant and stupid people.

Jerry "The King" Lawler walked out and said that I think we all know a lot about the history of Memphis Wrestling. The crowd erupted with Lawler chants. Jerry informed Doug that his opponent for his Hardcore Match, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher was on the way and only twenty minutes away. Lawler remembered Doug and his late brother, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert running him over at Channel 5 to which Doug replied the only mistake they didn't make is they didn't kill him. Doug challenged Jerry to come on down to the ring and get him some. Jerry said that he's already got one big match tonight against "Psycho" Sid Vicious. Gilbert then told Lawler that he's a lot like these fans, "A big chicken" and did the chicken dance that was rather amusing. This brought Lawler down to the ring. Doug was taking it to him until Jerry low blowed him while attempting ten punches in the corner. Gilbert would abort and claim that as always, Lawler had to jump him from behind. Gotta a kick out of that considering they were talking to each other and Doug watched him get in the ring.

Elder announced that Brian Christopher had arrived at the building.

"The New Nature Boy" Kevin White and the ever so beautiful Su Yung made their way out. Kevin informed everyone that Su Yung's opponent for her Divas Match, Misty James, was not going to make it and demanded that Referee Jerry Calhoun raise Yung's hand and declare her the winner. Calhoun did just that. Then, Kevin and Su called out Jerry Lawler and his stunning girlfriend, Renee. Su Yung took a cheap shot on Renee and ran into the ring. Renee followed. Oh boy!!! This led to one wicked, AWESOME catfight.

As Kevin White and Su Yung were trying to leave the ringside area, Kevin was told not to go anywhere because his opponent is coming out. They announced his opponent. It was none other than Everybody's Favorite Wrestler, Dustin Starr!

2nd Official Match-"The New Nature Boy" Kevin White with the adorable Su Yung in his corner vs Dustin Starr-

This was a good match. Dustin got everyone to start calling Kevin a chicken. The Asian Goddess, Su Yung, made her presence known by choking Dustin in the ring ropes and while he was in the corner. She also tripped Five Starr up while he was running the ropes, during an Irish whip. In the end, it was Kevin White picking up the win after striking Starr with a chain.

During intermission, Grady Watson brought out a ton of weapons for the Hardcore Match. Coincidentally, it was during this time that we heard from the Founder and President of F.F.U.N., Freedom From Unnecessary Negatives, and the Stop The Killing program, Stevie Moore. Probably could have picked out a better time to talk about this instead of when they were loading the ring with all sorts of dangerous and barbaric weapons. Just throwing that out there.

3rd Match-Hardcore Match-"Dangerous" Doug Gilbert managed by a Pimpin' "Mr. Big Stuff" Garry White vs "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher

Before the match, Brian brought a kid into the ring to help throw out some of his chains and bandanas. Doug Gilbert asked if this was some kind of an auction or flea market. Christopher kept right along giving out stuff until Gilbert jumped him and threw powder in his eyes. Doug was on the attack and grabbed the mic, telling everyone that nobody was dancing or saying "Grandmasta" now! The ring was filled with all sorts of goodies, which included: a baseball bat, kendo stick, tire, light, fan, chain, barbwire bat, and a weed eater. Brian hit Doug with a low blow using the kendo stick. Doug fought back, piledriving Brian. Christopher picked up the barbwire bat, but Gilbert hit him with a big boot. There was several more low blows to Doug's jewels, using barbwire and the weed eater. Brian Christopher won, after coming down on Doug with a chain from the top rope. Following the match, a beaten and disappointed Doug Gilbert couldn't help, but to hear the crowd chanting, "Cry, Baby, Cry!" That didn't help matters. Garry White took Doug the mic. Doug said, "If you people don't show me the respect that I deserve, I will leave and never come back to this town! I'm not a cry baby!" As they were leaving, Garry White was getting into it with Grady Watson, who was sitting in the crowd. Brian Christopher came back out and asked these people if they were tired of seeing his ugly face. Brian told Doug to leave if you want to. The fans chanted, "Go home!" as Doug started walking through the crowd. Brian jumped Doug and took him back in the ring. As Gilbert was down in the corner, Christopher went bowling with the tire. Afterwards, Christopher said that wrestling is here at Minglewood Hall for good.

Jerry "The King" Lawler came out and thanked everyone for coming out and braving the weather. One of the funniest moments of the night was when Jerry said that, unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about the weather. One fan yelled out, "Yes, you can, Jerry!" Hilarious!

Feature Attraction-Jerry "The King" Lawler vs "Psycho" Sid Vicious

"Psycho" Sid Vicious made his way out, talking about how Jackie Fargo and his girlfriend always helped Lawler beat him. He said Lawler's girlfriend was ugly. He also covered the fact that he was mad the location had changed and the show did not take place in his hometown in West Memphis, Arkansas, which was the original plan. This led to a group of Arkansas chants. Sid brought out Buzz, the special guy at the gym from Sid's latest promos, and said this could be the next Jerry "The King" Lawler. A paranoid Sid said Jackie Fargo was in the crowd, somewhere.

Jerry Lawler brought up that Sid had promised if he lost, he would give everyone in the arena their money back. Sid said that was back when the match was going to take place in West Memphis. Lawler kept nudging away at Sid to keep his promise until, finally, Sid accepted. Sid said, "I'll do it! If I lose I'll give every stinkin' pig their money back!" He said that Buzz, his number one fan, was there and he had to accept the offer, in order, to not let him down.

Once the match got underway, Lawler delivered a series of takedowns, telling Sid he was that close. The crowd was going bananas during this one. Sid took over, delivering some pain to "The King". Jerry made a comeback, pulled the strap down and started punching Sid. One of these punches was more of a Shane McMahon phantom-like punch that saw Sid falling before Jerry even threw it. That was not pretty. Buzz jumped on the apron to distract and threw in a chain to Sid. Sid hit Jerry with it and then threw it back to Buzz, behind the back, while Referee Jerry Calhoun counted to three. That looked cool. So, Sid didn't have to give anyone their money back.

Brian Elder said it was time to name the Sign of the Night, so we took a look at all the great signs in the audience. Then, the winner was announced. I believe his sign said Jerry Lawler is No. 1. It was a fluke! I call shenanigans! XOW's own Jason "The Brain" was in attendence and agreed that I was indeed robbed. The Good Call/Bad Call sign should have won.

Main Event-10-Man Over The Top Battle Royal, $10,000 Going To The Winner-

The partcipants included: Jerry "The King" Lawler, "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert, "Psycho" Sid Vicious, Buzz, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher, Dustin Starr, King Cobra, and Chris Williams.

Total number of combatants:9 in a 10-Man Battle Royal....Uh?

Order of Elimination:

Kevin White, Chris Williams, Buzz-Thanks to Jerry Lawler, who dedicated the elimination to the group of Sid fans, Dustin Starr-Who was eliminated when Brian Christopher pulled up his thong, delivering a wedgie and hurdling him over the top rope, and King Cobra

We were down to the final four with Jerry Lawler, Sid Vicious, Brian Christopher and Doug Gilbert. Sid and Lawler tied up, while Brian and Doug continued their bitter war with Brian beating Doug with a belt. Gilbert retaliated, grabbing the belt and choking Brian as "Cry Baby Cry" chants filled the building. Brian kicked Doug in "the Gilberts" (David Burcham quote copywright 2009) for the 20th time. Poor Doug. Lawler eliminated Sid by dumping him over the top rope, but Referee Jerry Calhoun had his back turned watching Brian and Doug, so Sid was able to sneak back in. After throwing Sid over, Jerry made his way over to Brian and Doug, who were tied up in the corner. He flipped those two out, and thought he had won, but Sid tossed Jerry over to win the battle royal and the fat $10,000 check. The crowd and Lawler pleaded with Referee Jerry Calhoun about the atrocious series of events that just went down. Calhoun grabbed the check from Sid and gave it to Lawler. Sid jumped Lawler and took the check back. After retrieving the check Sid screamed, "Thank you, very much and come again!" On his way out, Sid stopped on the stage and got on the mic, saying, "I would like to say special thanks for everyone coming out, tonight." I'm not sure if he really meant that considering he called everyone pigs earlier in the night.

A few notes:

I was surprised at how large the crowd was, with all the venue changes and the bad weather conditions. Good show with a good, loud crowd.

Corey Maclin was not at the show.

At one point, I'm pretty sure I seen two ladies on the stage scrapping with each other behind the curtain. Not sure what this was all about, but I would sure like to find out.

I tried to get David Burcham to go and make some snow angels with me, but he declined. Darn!

Credit: Report by D-Rock from www.wrestlingnewscenter.com

Credit: Snow photos by Beau James

Credit: Photos credited to Tia Blaylock

Credit: Dustin Starr from Dustin's Blog