Monday, March 16, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 3.14.09 - Jason Reed Returns!!

Jason Reed made his return to NBW with an in ring interview to start off the show. Reed stated that he was there for one challenge for the heavyweight title. High Risk Champion Brandon Barbwire comes out and gets in Reed’s face wanting to know why he thinks so highly of the heavyweight title, and that to him, the High Risk belt means more. Reed tells Barbwire that he already has enough on his plate because right now he is just another check mark on Jeremy Moore’s Hitlist. Just then, Moore runs in the building, thru the crowd into the ring and attacks Barbwire. NBW security enters the ring and pulls them apart. Meanwhile NBW Heavyweight Champion Mark Justice comes out. Justice tells Reed that while he has been gone, Justice has been beating everyone that NBW has put in front of him to earn what he has gotten, and that from where Justice stands, Reed has got to start from the bottom and work his way up because he is not getting a title shot until he earns it. NBW owner Jeff McDonald comes out of the sound booth and asks Justice when he started making decisions around here. Jeff sets up 2 matches tonight.Both being non-title matches. The 1st one is Jason Reed against Brandon Barbwire. If Reed beats Barbwire, he gets a shot at any belt, anytime. The 2nd match being Mark Justice against Jeremy Moore. If Moore wins, he gets his hands on Barbwire, one last time.

NBW Tag-Team Champions Jon Roberts & Tommy Redneck defeated Norrin Radd & Christian Morrikomi to retain the titles

Redman defeated Ozwick & The Kid in a handicapped match.
Redman beat the hell out of the Kid giving him 3 piledrivers in a row, followed by a sitdown powerbomb for the win while Ozwick was thrown to the outside

"One Man Wrecking Crew" TANK defeated Ricky Andrews in a "Triple 5 Challenge" after a "Detonator".
The ring announcer said the time of the match was 4:58 while Jeff said that his stopwatch shows just a few seconds after the 5 minute mark. So as of right now Tank was declared the winner of the match, but not without some controversy.

"Superman" Jason Reed defeated NBW High Risk Champion Brandon Barbwire after a superkick so as of now, Reed can challenge any title holder to a match at any given time.

NBW Heavyweight Champion "Enforcer" Mark Justice w/ Mad Money Mike defeated "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore
This match erupted out on the arena floor. While the referee was trying to get Justice back in the ring, Brandon Barbwire ran out and nailed Moore with the High Risk title. Money Mike paid him off with a wad of cash as Barbwire made his way back to the locker room. Justice got Moore back in the ring, nailed him with the "Hard Justice" and got the 3 count.

After the match, Barbwire came back out and along with Justice and Money Mike, began beating on Moore. This brings out Jason Reed and owner Jeff McDonald to clear the ring. Jeff sets up a tag match for next week. Mark Justice and Brandon Barbwire managed by Mad Money Mike facing the team of Jason Reed and Jeremy Moore being managed by Big Money Gripp.

Notes: 80 - 90 people in the building. Ricky Andrews got the loudest pop of the night followed closely by Jason Reed…Everything is building towards NBW's next big show, Spring Break-Out on April 11th.

Credit: NBWNewsguy

----Now why would anyone be scared to be on Jeremy Moore’s Hit List?? LOL Sorry I could not resist…Good to see Jason Reed back and looks like he scheduled to work up until April 11th at least. I have been told some matches that they are trying to line up for “Spring Break Out 09” and it should be fun if it works out. RRO will be there with Book Tour 2009 on that date.