Monday, March 23, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 3.21.09

Show started with Sarge O’Reilly and Brandon Barbwire coming to the ring and calling out Jon Michael. Sarge offered him a high dollar contract to sign with XOW instead of NBW. After taking some time to think about it, Jon Michael ripped up the contract in Sarge's face and a match was made for later tonight between Michael and Sarge.

Norrin Radd defeated Redman.
During the match Norrin went for the Gore but Redman pulled the Ref in front of him. Norrin stop in time, but Redman shoved the Ref into Norrin and they hit heads. Redman set Norrin up for his Sit-Down Powerbomb, but Ozwick ran out and nailed Redman from behind with the "Sucker Punch". Norrin nailed Redman with the Gore and got the win.

Tag-Team Champions Tommy Redneck & John "Biscuit" Roberts defeated Brandon Espinosa & Brandon Erins to retain the titles in a very fast paced, high flying match up.

Jon Michael defeated Sarge O'Reily
Brandon Barbwire, who was at ringside with Sarge, got onto the apron. Michael slingshots him inside the ring. Michael whipped Barbwire into the ropes. Sarge got up right behind Michael and as Barbwire was coming off the ropes, Michael's moved and Barbwire nailed Sarge with an unintentional spinning head scissors. Michael knocked Barbwire from the ring and pinned Sarge.

Jeff McDonald called Ricky Andrews to the ring and was discussing whether or not Tank actually beat him in under 5 minutes last week and said that they have reviewed the footage of the match several times. Tank came to the ring and was telling Jeff that this wasn't football; this was a real sport and wanted to know when the instant replay rule was put into effect in Professional Wrestling. Tank said that the record books show that he won the match with 1 second to spare and that's all that matters. Jeff told both men that since there were no clear cut winner that he was making a Triple 5 Challenge re-match right now.

"One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank defeated Ricky Andrews by count out in 5:20
this match was fast paced with Andrews outrunning Tank. At one point Tank chased Andrews outside of the ring. As Andrews slid in before Tank could, Andrews gave Tank a basement dropkick followed by a leg drop that put Tank down on the outside of the ring. Tank missed a splash in the corner, Andrews charged, Tank gave Andrews a backdrop over the top rope, Andrews held on, Tank went for e double ax handle, Andrews gave Tank a shoulder thrust, climbed to the top rope and delivered a flying clothesline. Both men got up as the last few second was winding down, Tank charged towards Andrews, the 5 minute mark past and Andrews slid out of the ring. The referee counted Andrews out so Tank wins the match, but Andrews beat the "Triple 5 Challenge" by lasting the 5 minutes.

NBW Heavyweight Champion "Enforcer" Mark Justice & High Risk Champion Brandon Barbwire w/ Mad Money Mike defeated "Superman" Jason Reed & "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore w/ Big Money Gripp

The match broke down into a 4-way. Barbwire and Moore fought back towards the locker room. Justice set Reed up for the "Hard Justice" when Jon Michael ran into the ring. Justice set Reed down, Michael went for the big boot, Justice moved and Michael nailed Reed. Justice then pinned Reed.
After the match the Main Event of Spring Break-Out was revealed. It will be a Triple Threat Match for the NBW Heavyweight Title. Champion Mark Justice defending against "Superman" Jason Reed and "Trendsetter" Jon Michael.

Notes: there were around 80 people in the building.
Spring Break-Out has been moved to April 18Th.
Jeff McDonald announced that "Superstar" Bill Dundee will be there and more matches will be made in the coming weeks.

Credit: NBWnewsguy