Monday, March 30, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 3.28.09

Show opened with XOW coming to the ring. Sarge O’Reilly put over the fact that Bill Dundee would be at Spring Break-Out facing him.

NBW High Risk Champion Brandon Barbwire defeated Kilo after Jason the Brain interfered pushing Kilo from the top rope and Brandon delivered a Rock Bottom variation.

Norrin Radd defeated Christian Morrikami after a Gore.

Jon Michael defeated Suicide after a big boot and a top rope elbow drop.

Ricky Andrews defeated Bonecrusher after a fameaser.
After the match, Tank ran out and blasted Andrews in the back with a huge log chain. Tank began beating and choking Andrews with the chain then got the mic. Tank told Andrews that the only way he lasted the 5 minutes in the Triple 5 Challenge is because he was a chickenshit and kept running away from him instead of staying in the ring and facing him like a man. Tank challenged Andrews to a Dog Collar Match at Spring Break-Out and Jeff McDonald agreed to sign the match.

Synn, Stunner and Jason the Brain came to the ring for a match. Tommy Redneck came to the ring and wanted to know what they did to Biscuits car because now he wouldn’t be able to be there. Needless to say, a handicapped match was made.
1/2 of the NBW Tag-Team Champions Tommy Redneck defeated XOW Tag-Team Champions Synn & Stunner.
Synn was going to a Sliced Bread #2 on Redneck as Stunner was perched on the top rope in the opposite corner. Redneck countered the Sliced Bread and delivered a slingshot back suplex in turn crotching Stunner on the top turnbuckle unable to break up the count.

Jeff McDonald then made another match for Spring Break-Out. It would be a winner take all match with both sets of Tag Tiles being on the line.

NBW Heavyweight Champion "Enforcer" Mark Justice defeated Chad Hart with a Hard Justice

"Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore defeated Sarge by DQ when all of XOW ran out and jumped him.
The NBW locker room emptied to face XOW. After the 2 factions were broken up, Jeff decided to re-work the main event of Spring Break-Out. It would now be the team of Sarge & Brandon Barbwire facing the team of Jeremy Moore & "Superstar" Bill Dundee.

Notes: 110 + in the building and they were VERY hot!
2 near riots from the fans. The first one being after Tank attacked Ricky with the chain. There were a couple of fans that crossed the barricade trying to get to Tank who was by this time on the outside of the ring. Security held them back and made them take their seats. The 2nd one came whe XOW attacked Jeremy. Several fans were trying to get across the barricade and get to the ring and had to be restrained. Very Hot Crowd. Largest and Hottest in recent memory for NBW.

Matches already made for Spring Break-Out '09

Triple Threat Match for the NBW Heavyweight Title
(C) "Enforcer" Mark Justice vs "Trendsetter" Jon Michael vs "Superman" Jason Reed

Sarge & Brandon Barbwire vs "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore & "Superstar" Bill Dundee

Dog-Collar Match
"One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank vs Ricky Andrews

Winner Take All Match
XOW Tag-Team Champions Syn & Stunner vs NBW Tag-Team Champions Tommy Redneck & Jon "Biscuit" Roberts