Thursday, March 12, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern,TN 3.07.09 - JON MICHAEL DEBUTS!!

Show opened this week with XOW Owner Billy Russ coming to the ring along with Suicide and Jason "The Brain". Russ claimed XOW was back and were here to get business done, after running down the fans, Russ started talking about Jeremy Moore and Brandon Barbwire, at which point Shawn Reed made his return to NBW. Reed said he was tired of listening to Russ talk, he said this was New Blood Wrestling not XOW. Reed said he was already dressed and that he was here to wrestle and he would wrestle any 1 of the 3 if they had the guts.

Shawn Reed def. Suicide

Brandon Barbwire came to the ring for an interview. He said finally he was finished beating on Jeremy Moore. He said he has beaten him 4 times and even beat on his family in the process. He said Moore will never get another shot against him as long as he is champion, Jeremy Moore jumped out of the crowd and attacked Barbwire from behind laying a beating on him to the delight of the crowd until out of the back Syn and Stunner came out and layed Moore out. The 3 beat on Moore and Syn got on the mic and said tonight they would finish Moore off for good!

Redman def. Kid. After the match Ozwick gave Redman the sucker punch. This week Ozwick vs. Redman

Brandon Barbwire def. Norrin Radd

Ricky Andrews made his way to the ring looking ready for a fight. He got on the mic and stated that he was just informed Tank wasn't at the show. He said he didn't know why Tank wasn’t there, but he had shown up. Ricky said he was not a trained wrestler but it has been a dream of his, he said that when Tank started all this there was a wrestler who approached him about getting trained. Andrews said that over the last couple of weeks he has been hard at work training and that he will be ready when Tank decides to show his face!

NBW Champion Mark Justice came to the ring ready for a match, Jeff McDonald then informed Mark that after he struck both ref's last week he was facing a $1000.00 fine. Unless the fine was paid tonight there would be no match and Mark would be stripped of his newly won title. Mad Money Mike came out of the dressing room and tossed McDonald a wad of cash and said that should cover the cost. Mark was now able to compete.

NBW Champion Mark Justice def. Chad Heart after a Hard Justice

Syn and Stunner came to the ring ready for the Main Event. Jeremy Moore came out and the Ref checked all 3 men and called for the bell, as the bell rang the lights went down and the music hit. Out of the back came “Trendsetter” Jon Michael [pictured above in the ring vs Dustin Starr] to the pop of the night! Michael got on the mic and said that his friend Moore gave him a call and told him he was having a bit of trouble, he said that anytime a friend calls he is there and tonight is no different!

Jon Michael and Jeremy Moore def. Syn and Stunner by DQ after Moore gave Stunner the Acecrusher off the top rope and went for the cover when the others members of XOW jumped in and broke it up, Jon Michael ran them out and got on the mic and said that next time they are all in the ring together again Syn and Stunner will not walk out, they will be carried out, he told them not to think this was a 1 time deal, he said NBW already has a contract with his name on it! He said NBW not only stood for New Blood Wrestling but also Newbern's Best Wrestler!

Main Event was one of the best matches in Newbern yet, the crowd was hot from start to finish. It was match of the night. Probably 100 ppl. crowd was up from the previous 2 weeks. Great show!

Credit: NBWnewsguy

----Jon Michael will be doing double duty with EWE and here. Michael's home town is Newbern, so it should help NBW draw some fans...Mad Money Mike looks to be done with DCW and working here now.