Wednesday, March 11, 2009

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 3.07.09

1. Ron Rage(POB) VS Rick Ruby(Dogg Pound) winner Rage.
2. CCR(Cannon,Chris Steel,Dr Randy) VS Asylum(Psycho and Tezo Carnage) winner CCR
3. Soul Train Jones VS Precious Winner Soul Train
4. Logan Fury(Irish Dragon) VS Gary Diamond. Winner Logan Fury
5. Cujo(Dogg Pound) VS Silas winner Cujo.
6. Allen Bro's VS Hot and Heavy (J.D.Kerry and Mike Titan) Allen Bro's
7. Pokerface VS Blalok the Blazer winner Pokerface
8. The Natural Born Playa'z(Southside and Pimp) VS Leprechauns and Shakedown. winner Playa'z
9. Rodney Bad Dogg Mack RWA Heavyweight Champion VS The Tejano Kid winner Rodney Bad Dogg Mack.

Show started with Ron Rage and Raven coming to the ring and explaining why he body slammed a little kid. He told everyone that if they are with the Dogg Pound in anyway, man, boy, girl, woman. He hated their stinking guts. At this point Rick Ruby hit the ring! No music no introduction just a straight up fight. Rage got the pin by using a foreign object and that's when Raven, Rage's wife came in the ring and started to slap Ruby while he was down. At that point Ruby's wife, Stephanie jumped up in the ring and it was a pure cat fight from there. Security had to grab Ruby's wife while Rage had a hold of his wife and the two left the building. What a way to start the show, the crowd was going nuts after all that.

The Asylum made their way back to the RWA, Psycho has another member of the Asylum. Tezo Carnage – a masked man with good size and great skills. CCR has become one of the best tag teams in the RWA. They know each other well and work well with each other. They got the win this time because of a mistake on the Asylum's part. I would bet it won't happen again.

Soul Train showed his strength and speed in this match as Precious was dressed in a Teddy and Thong. Soul Train wanted to end the match as fast has he could as to not have to wrestle and grab Precious too much. Soul Train ended the match with a thunderous Power Slam.

Logan Fury made his debut in the Irish Dragon's match last week running in and doing the damage. This week he debut in his first match with the veteran Gary Diamond. Logan is a nice addition to the Irish Dragons. He has a ruthless attitude and just an extra mean streak. Has Gary Diamond went for the Diamond Kick, the ref was distracted and Acid came in and hit the Acid Bath and Logan covered for the 123. But that was not the end. Austin Lane, Gary's partner came out to help Diamond out of the ring. Scott Fury grabbed the mic and asked Austin why he wanted to stick is dipstick in their business(I liked the dipstick comment). Fury went on to tell Austin if he wanted to prove he was all he has claimed he was then fight them 3 on 2. Austin told them that Gary and himself have never backed down and Gary told him to take the challenge. So we had another fight. All three Irish Dragons and Austin Lane and Gary Diamond. Diamond was almost out the whole match and the Irish Dragons kept knocking him off the apron. Austin was doing ok until Acid came in and kicked him in the head. Austin never saw it coming. He turned around and Acid put the boot right to the side of his head. The big guy Acid has amazing agility for his size. Austin made his come back and went for the hot tag and Diamond was not there. To the amazement of everyone in the building including Austin, Reno Diamond came from nowhere to get in the corner of Diamond and Austin and made the tag. The roof came off the building at this point and Reno started cleaning house. Reno hit his finisher and as Gary Diamond got back in the ring the Irish Dragons all got up and Austin, Reno, Gary threw them into the ropes hit a triple sunset flip and got the 1,2,3 on all 3 Irish Dragons. This match was one for the highlight reels for sure. The question has to be asked, is Reno coming out of Retirement to become part of the RWA? If so this would make the RWA the strongest talent pool in the south.

Cujo(Dogg Pound) and Silas had a classic big man match with big power moves and Cujo body slamming Silas and hitting the DDT for the win.

The Allen Bro's are an up and coming young team. They have a unique way of winning matches that is usually done with masked teams. These two look a lot alike and pull the switch to get the 3 count. Not to mention the DDT on the steel chair that also helped.

Pokerface and Blalok had the type of match you would think these two would have. Blalok is not liked at all and Poker is definitely a crowd favorite. These two put on a clinic for the fans. They hit move after move and did not miss a beat. Poker did get the win as the ref was down from catching an elbow to the left eye, Blalok reached into his pocket and pulled out some powder. Poker rolled up Blalok before he could use it and the ref counted 1,2,3. Blalok was covered in powder and showed the ref and claimed that Poker used it. The ref then reversed the decision and Blalok knocks Poker out from behind. Blalok then pulls out a lighter and lights it but before he could throw the fire Mike Anthony hits the ring to make the save. Blalok powders and goes to the back. He rushes back out as the two are celebrating Anthony's come back to the R WA. Blalok pushes Anthony into Poker knocking both out and then Blalok throws the fire into Anthony's face burning the young star badly.

The Playa'z came out and gave the crowd their rant of the evening and then told the Leprechauns that if they were stacked together they would only equal one of them. So they suggested that the Leprechauns get another partner and it was Sgt Shakedown back from Madi Gras. He was decked out in Luck of the Irish pants and a hat and the whole thing. The fans loved it and the Playa'z did not. They went after the three of them and showed the fans why they are the front runners for the tag belts.

The Tejano Kid came out after intermission and called out Rodney Mack and told him he was here for one thing and that was gold. He told Rodney that he had beat everyone on the roster and even the women. He now wants the gold that Mack has around his waist. Mack came out and answered the challenge and Tejano told him that he was not scared of him. Rodney told him he is glad he is not scared because now he won't have to chase his ass. He also told Dominique that if she wanted to get into his business he had one word for her.

As Mack came to the ring the crowd were on their feet going crazy. He climb into the ring and grabbed a mic and told Tejano and Dominique that he told them he had one word for them. That is when Jazz's music hit and the fans that were already crazy completely lost their minds. You could not hear anything but screams and the music. So with Jazz in Mack's corner and Dominique in Tejano the match started. They both started with mat wrestling but Tejano found out that Mack is one of the best in the world in mat wrestling. Then Tejano attacked Mack's left knee which is the one he had injured. Mack has had some problems with his knee and has even missed some action. Every time that Dominique would try to inject herself into the match Jazz would chase her off. Mack made his come back and gained control throwing Tejano into the ropes. Tejano ducked two clothes lines and just as he ducked the second Mack hit the spear and that's when Dominique got into the ring to save her man. That was the big mistake Jazz hit the ring and hit Dominique with a stiff right hook and knocked her out. Both Jazz and Mack made the cover for a family 3 count.

What a night of action. There were over 200+ in the building and they were hot all night long. The RWA has a road show this week on Friday in Harrisburg at the Armory. Then next week on Friday in Wilmer Arkansas in between Mcgehee and Monticello.

Credit: RWAreporter

----RRO will be in Jonesboro this coming Saturday night as part of the Book Tour 2009...Psycho new "Asylum" member wrestled here and the area as Zane Richards.