Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RassleResults: TFW Fulton, MS 3.28.09

Results from the Benefit for Lucy Mae Terrell 3/28/09 in Fulton:

Neil Taylor started the show by coming to the ring, talking trash to the fans saying that they ought to be praising him, because he was King of Mississippi and he was ready to put it on the line to anyone that dared challenge him. The TFW promoter "Mama" Denise Blaylock told him that not only has she got his challenger, but she was going to get the fans involved by making it a leather strap match. They paid $5 to get a strap. The challenger was Josh Holly. The match was set.

Hittman def. the Backflip Machine LSD.

Next Dirty Rell Moe came to the ring to thank everyone for their contribution to the benefit. He began to talk about how he and Curlymoe got started in the business. He said that being voted as 2008 Manager of the Year was an honor. He was then interrupted by Tony " the Weasel" Watts. Watts then asked who Dirty was and went on about how he didn't deserve to be Manager of the Year and told a tiresome story about everyone he has managed. Dirty finally told him that he had no business sticking his "nose" (no pun intended) in his business and began to have Watts escorted out. But Watts then attacked Dirty, but Dirty retaliated on him. Tony Dabbs, Chris Styles and Josh Matthews ran into the ring and began to beat down Dirty. Curlymoe, Chris Kilgore, and Buff Bagwell then ran to the ring and ran them out of the ring. Buff then told Watts to get his boys ready for a match with them. Watts said only if Dirty is handcuffed to him. Dirty and Curlymoe proudly accepted and the match was set.

Pain, Inc. def. DC and Chop top the Clown with Izzy getting the pin on DC.

Bebe and Dagger got the win on Delectable Devon, Delicious Damion, Chis Chaos, and Jay Webster with Bebe getting the pin on Devon.

G-Moe Money w/Dirty makes his return to Mississippi getting the pin on Phat Foundation member "Big Daddy" Neno.

The Semi Main Event was of course Neil Taylor vs Josh Holley in a leather strap match for the title of King of Mississippi. The fans "whipped" Neil Taylor but not one touched Josh. Neil would retain his title as King of Mississippi as he defeats Josh Holley.

Main Event was "Tha Stunt" Curlymoe, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, and Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell w/ Dirty Rell Moe vs "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, "The Future" Chris Styles, and "The Angelic" Josh Matthews w/ Tony Watts. Dirty and Watts was cuffed together. Buff dominated in the beginning, with Kilgore and Curlymoe getting some great shots on them. But Curlymoe would eventually get over taken by the Watts team. Curlymoe would hit the Vertical Spat and get the tag to Buff. While Dirty's team had Watts team in the corners beating them with series of punches and kicks, Watts hit Dirty in the face with powder. He gets free from the cuffs, but it was to late. Dirty's team shot Watts team into each other and Dirty's team win with triple schoolboys. Dirty then beat on Watts, sending him into the ring and Curlymoe hits him with the Stunner.

The fans enjoyed the show and were not let down. There were at least 3 main event caliber matches. The show raised $1947.00. Curlymoe, Dirty Rell Moe, and Lucy Mae Terrell would like to thank everyone for their contributions, donations, calls, and prayers, which made this possible.

Attendance approx. 225.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @ www.wrestlingnewscenter.com