Tuesday, March 17, 2009

RassleResults; TIWF Trenton, TN 3.14.09 - NEW TIWF TAG CHAMPIONS!!

First match - Moondog Mutt defeated Johnny Superstar in a one sided match.
Second match - Frankie Tucker defeated Wild Bill
Third match - Russian Assassin defeats Sgt. Swat in a russian flag match - the first person to retrieve 5 flags and put them into a bucket won. Sgt. Swat had the match won until ref got knocked out and Russian Assassin pulled flags out of bucket and threw into crowd then followed by putting his flags into the bucket and reviving the ref.
Fourth match - P.K. Ripper and "AIWF Southern Heritage Champion" Louis Moore defeated DJ Hart and Jason Blade Very good high flying match.
Fifth match - (TIWF tag team championship match) Hard Justice (Lawman Williams and Big Boy Bob defeated Hardknocks Hooligan and AC Styles to win the belts.
Sixth match - (AIWF World Heavyweight Title Match) Jimi Love defeated "The Latin Assassin" Chico Mendoza to retain his AIWF World heavyweight
Seventh match - (TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match) Devon "All" Day defeated Tennessee Ernie Nord to retain his belt.

-Chris Lexxus was absent
-AIWF referee Smileyand TIWF referee of the year Danny Williams officiated
-AIWF board members Rick Deezel and Tim Dolan were in attendance
-Attendance was 252
-March Badness continues.Midget wrestlers this upcoming week.
-TIWF returns to Brownsville 3-20-09 at the new breed arena.
-TIWF returns to Trenton 3-21-09 at the showplex arena

Credit: Derek Byrd

----AIWF is group of promoters similar to the current NWA that promote shows under one banner along with their own shows. CLICK HERE to take a look at their web site.