Monday, April 06, 2009

Arena Report: EWE Ripley, TN 4.04.09

----This was my first visit to Ripley,TN since the name change and such. The building had a slight upgrade and it looked good. The crowd was really rowdy and into most of the stuff. Overall this was not a good show, but it did further the storylines with a few things.

----Commish Dustin Baker had me/Stan Lee in the ring to put over the Yearbook.

----KC Gold did an interview putting over a rock going into his automobile window from the night before in Brownsville, TN. He blamed Dustin Baker. He also said that he now has a contract to work EWE.

----Stan Lee defeated Tommy Redneck in a non-title match. Good match. Lee got a huge pop!! Lots of shine for Lee. Lee hit a running uppercut into the corner, flying kick, standing moonsault and then followed with a split leg moonsault that he missed. Redneck hit a kick when Lee got up from this and started the heat. Good spot had Lee on the apron and was going to sunset flip over on Redneck, but Redneck caught him in a twisting neckbreaker. It looked good. Redneck goes for front kick again [remember in the front of the match] – misses and Lee pins him. [**1/2]

----Redneck was still in the ring when Scott Adams’ music starts to play. Adams is HUGE!! He walked over the ropes and ended up powerbombing Redneck twice. He was demanding Jon Michael. Dustin Baker made him leave or he was going to call the cops.

----They showed a clip from JR Manson vs Tommy Boy Jones from the night before in Brownsville, TN. Manson then beat Jones in almost a total squash. I like Manson as a heel, but the match wasn’t much. [*]

----Ike Tucker beat Chad Bradd [Weasel] by DQ in a bad match. Tucker has a great entrance, but it stops right there. It is a babyface’s job to take a good beating and then comeback. Tucker would not take but a few moves and then comeback. No psychology at all. [DUD]

----After the match, the Badd Boys jumped Ike and beat him up. Ike was saved by Cody Melton. Then they went right into another match featuring Ike. Melton/Ike beat Badd Boys. Ike did take a bit more heat here. Hot tag to Melton and Melton did will with fire here. Melton pinned Brad Badd [Steve Rampage] for the win. [*1/2]

----“Genocide” [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] beat Greg King Jr/Shawn Reed in the best bout on the show. Rhino/King did a spot early that was sloppy with Rhino falling on King. After that it just went smooth. Reed/King did a double dropkick. Albino suplexed both guys when they tried to suplex him. Heat on Reed with Corbin hitting a sick “black hole slam”. Corbin did a combo sit down full nelson slam, then turning Reed over into a full nelson clutch. It looked real good. Reed hit a DDT off the turnbuckle then to a hot tag. King had the crowd going running across the ring hitting a Stinger splash on each of the big guys in different corners – about three times each. They cut him off and shitcanned Reed. Double chokeslam on King for the win. [***1/2]

----Commish Dustin Baker came out with Mark Tipton to talk about the rules and such of the Elite 8 match. Scott Adams came out and shoved Baker down and put Tipton in position for a powerbomb. I thought he was going to do it. But..out of the back came the returning Jon Michael. The crowd went nuts!! They did a big pull-a-part brawl between the two and the crowd heat was there during the whole segment. Best reaction of the whole show.

----Krisis won the Elite 8 match to win a title shot at “Mayhem” in May. This was just a glorified battle royal rumble starting with two participants then a new worker joined the match every minute. They did a countdown of the minute on the video screen and got a pop every time someone came out. I have never seen a match with so much talent that was just so bad. Why waste talent like this in a battle royal?? The match started with Eric Wayne and Michael Gilbert, followed by Christian Jacobs, J.R. Manson, Kid Nikels, Cody Melton, Chris O'Neal and Krisis in that order. It ended up with Chris O'Neal and Krisis. O’Neal popped his knee for shoot and went down. They continued with what was supposed to be a claw slam from the second turnbuckle, but it was botched because O’Neal was still hurt. Krisis pinned him to win. [*]

----70 to 90 in the building…The video screen is a good addition to a small show. They showed a clip about “Five-Starr Showcase” returning next week…Manson needs to decide if he is crazy or not. The fans seem to hate him…Melton was in a bad spot on the card…I had the chance to meet EWE webmaster and camera man – Dustin Williams. Hopefully we will be working on some projects in the future…I like the Badd Boys gimmick and think both guys have potential, but they need a good team to go against not Ike…Anita Paige sit next to me during the tag match and we were both popping like a couple of school girl marks. LOL…This is Reed’s first time in this career to work as a babyface. He did a good job getting his ass kicked. I have seen a few “Genocide” matches via video since Corbin’s return and I was reluctant to say this until now, but it looked like Corbin had “lost a step” from his injury. Well, the rust is off and these guys look to be better than they were before the injury…My first look at Michael Gilbert in person – he did a good job in a horrible match. He has lots of potential with a good look. He is easily one of the top contenders for “Rookie of the Year”…Tipton and Gold did a good job as an announcing team, but they sound so much alike [same voice tone] that I sometimes wondered who was talking?? Am I the only person that has noticed that?? Gold also did well for his promo – smooth on the mic…Krisis was upset that I have never had him on my TV show. I publicly apologize for that and to everyone else for not having them on my TV show. BTW, I don’t have a TV show. LOL…This is the only dressing room that I know that features a pubic hair fan. No further comment needed…I think the Adams vs Michael matchup may draw them some bigger crowds. The crowd that was there was so hot for them to get a hold of each other. Michael is so over!!...Adams is so much better as himself instead of doing that stupid Hillbilly gimmick…Krisis will work Lee at “Mayhem”??...I would have liked to have seen the Elite 8 as just a one night tournament. Honestly it would have been a better show, but hell I would have missed the “Genocide” match…Thanks to cast and crew for a fun time, even though you dickheads poured a bag of flour on me!!!

Photos by Brian Tramel

Top Row from left to right - Ike Tucker, Jon Michael and Michael Gilbert
Middle: "Genocide" [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] and "Picture Perfect" [Chris O'Neal/Christian Jacobs]
Bottom: Krisis, Scott Adams and KC Gold