Sunday, April 05, 2009

CinaMaxx presents "The BT Rib"

----I will honestly say that I have had very few ribs pulled on me. Nothing major like this and it even cracks me up watching it. A good rib is just getting something over on someone that would at no time expect it. [As I sit there with my eyes closed, I was thinking they would probably rib me with water on the head.] If you are constantly ribbing the same person, then it turns into more a "bully" type of thing and then after 2 or 3 weeks it is not funny anymore. I have heard of some really bad ones - like peeing in someone's Mountain Dew to crapping in their bag. Even though Maxx and Albino had a big part of doing this, you could probably say that the others - Jon, Chris. Alex and CJ have had this in the works for over 7 years!! LOL I was also told that this one was not one of the worst of the whole bunch as there were ideas about sugar [I am a diabetic], penis in the ear and other fun stuff. Cody Melton right after the rib made sure to say, "I knew nothing about the flour.", which cracked me up. He wanted "no credit" for it. LOL The video was put together by Maxx Corbin. Thanks guys!! Remember I now owe you one!!