Thursday, April 02, 2009

Coach's Corner "Orton, ROH and Mexican Shiznit"

----I do occasionally watch or read about other wrestling than just wrestling here in the Memphis Wrestling. I consider RRO the best site in the area to cover the Memphis area promotions. This is our main focus and I might seem to “tunnel vision” my site by doing that sometimes. And I do know that I get so involved with the area scene that sometimes I forget there is wrestling going on out of this area. I recently had the chance to see some stuff that got my interest and read some stuff out this area that I just wanted to give my thoughts on. RAW, ROH HDNET and Mexican wrestling has given me some things to stimulate the brain about.

----They are building to “Wrestlemania”, so you are expecting some hot TV. Everyone has raved about Chris Jericho and I got to agree his stuff has been good, but my favorite thing I have seen on RAW in a long time was the angle with Randy Orton and Stephanie McMahon. I usually don’t fawn over any of the women workers or post photos of women near naked on this site, but just let me say this – I am huge mark for Stephanie. If she ever posed for Playboy, I would be the first in line to buy one. Not only that but she did a great job taking that DDT from Orton. Orton, who I have never been a big fan of, was fantastic in this angle. I really truly thought he was going to hit Stephanie with the sledge hammer. His mannerisms before and after the angle were top notch and he has come a long way since his debut. HHH did a good job here also. Orton reaching down and kissing Stephanie was just fantastic. He should have just taken it a step further and grab a boob or something. Would that been too far?? Or is that just me wishful thinking?? Come on folks – lighten up – a DVD of Randy Orton having sex with Stephanie McMahon would be on top on the Adult chart.

----Have you had a chance to see ROH HDNET?? It is not easy to see unless you are fully equipped for HD and subscribed and all that horsecrap. But, you can do a quick search of youtube or your favorite torrent site and get a quick look at it. First of all – it looks so good that even though it is still considered a very distance third in big promotions in the US, it makes ROH look big time. The announcing team of Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak are good tandem for wrestling. It is weird that that this is Hogewood’s first stint as a wrestling announcer and he is better than 80% of the others. Prazak [who was a subscriber of the classic RASSLIN RIOT fanzine] is one of those guys that is just good at what he does. The debut show featured some really good talent and solid bouts. Jerry Lynn vs Delirious was good, but this group does not always stick to “normal” psychology and is weird when you got a guy like Lynn who has worked forever not work classic psychology. I liked Delirious better in the green suit he use to work in. [Did you know he actually worked LAW shows??] I have a “man crush” on Tyler Black.[pictured] He is a big guy that works very hard. He has the look [sort of 2009 version of Scott Hall] and could step up to be a great worker. He worked Jimmy Jacobs. [If you seen this, Jacobs has the same hair style as Simon Reed’s ex-gf] Their bout wasn’t off the chart or anything, but it was the main event of the show. And the show featured better wrestling than any other show on TV.

----Mexican wrestling has always been the source of some well choreographed high spots and sometimes interesting behind the scenes stuff. Abismo Negro recently died of drowning. I am not going to make light of any death, but you got to just imagine what the person thought when they found him. He was on a bus that apparently wasn’t even going in the direction he was suppose to be going and had a panic attack. I use to have these on a regular basis, so he wanting to get off the bus was very understanding. Allegedly he was under the influence of something. He walked off the bus into the woods or swamp or something. He ended up tripping and stumbling and falling into a body of water. Now that brings us to the person that found him – was he still wearing his mask?? That had to be a crazy sight.

----And also from the land of masks and stiff rings comes the story of Juventud Guerrera having someone “shoot the shiznit” [couldn’t resist] in his wrestling bag. Dave Metlzer commented in the April 1, 2009 edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, “Guerrera has every bit as much if not more talent as Rey Mysterio, but his attitude has kept his career from going nowhere near as far as it should have gone.” I got to agree 100% with the Meltz as Guerrera has always been one that has been reported about thwne it comes to drug problems and attitude with various others. He wasn’t used in TNA because he didn’t like others getting their spots in, especially the young guys. After his match he comes back stage to a wet bag of poop. Well, this slightly upset him and he walked in the dressing room to do promos on Konnan and Jack Evans. I was laughing thinking about him doing promos talking about how the poop of Konnan ruined his bag and he would get revenge. Then apparently Jack Evans handed him an ass whipping and Juvi went on to tell the Mexican newspapers about this incident. I have heard a few people say this is an angle, but it looks like Juvi is gone from promotion. Could you actually do an angle about someone crapping in your bag?? This could then lead to a shiznit on a pole match. LOL SCATAMANIA coming to an arena near you!!!

----So as you can see, I do pay attention to wrestling in other areas. Not as much as I cover this area, but I do like to check in to see stuff or read about stuff from other areas. I mean what could you not like about Orton/McMahon angle, ROH HDNET and Mexican masks & poop??