Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Golden Circle - "Titles Are Important or At Least They Should Be" by Greg Anthony

Most life long wrestling fans have a nostalgic heart. We remember things as they were and always believe that then was better than now. In most cases it is nothing more than a longing for days of yesteryear. However one thing I truly do believe was better then was the “ora” surrounding the championships.

Sometime in the past 30 years titles went from a coveted trophy in our business to a means to help get someone over. When guys like Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat waged war over the Intercontinental title it wasn't a well devised plan to get them over. They were already established stars and they were rewarded for their hard work with the IC title. Same goes for such talents as Curt Hennig, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin and The Rock.

When Shawn Michaels became the first European Heavyweight Champion, I thought the Euro title was on par with the IC title. Was that because I felt the people of Europe had been vastly underestimated as a WWE fan base, no. It was because "The Showstopper" made that title important. The European Champion even headlined the "Bad Blood" Pay Per View, how's that for a rub?

Some titles have managed to keep their legacy in tact. Being on top in WWE as either WWE Champion or World Heavyweight Champion will always be a dream come true for any that carry those championships and the company on their shoulders. While other titles felt like they were in a short skirt on the corner whoreing themselves out to generic pretty boys with the same tan and build trying to be the "next" whoever.

Like Archie Bunkie singing "Those Were The Days", I sing a sad song to myself as I hear stories from guys like Ric Flair talking about how important it was to be NWA World Champion. Maybe being a champion in our industry doesn't hold the same weight and clout as it once did but I promise it should, and when "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony makes a promise, it’s as good as gold.