Friday, April 03, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 3.28.09

----The show started with the biggest quarter of the day with over 21,000 viewers watching the show. The show continued to drop, but then stuck around 15,000 viewers for the last two quarters. The show continues to do better than last year, but still not good when they can only get 16,000 people to watch the show. This show lost over 6,000 viewers from start to finish. Also take note that they did not have much competition as the highest rated program on the NBC Affiliate in that hour was only seen by about 30,000 viewers.

Overall 1.0 [16198 viewers]

1st Quarter

1.3 [21057 viewers]

2cnd Quarter

1.1 [17818 viewers] [-3239 viewers]

3rd Quarter

.9 [14578 viewers] [-3240 viewers]

4th Quarter

.9 [14578 viewers] [no change]

Start to finish: [-6479 viewers]

What was Memphis watching? [Highest rated program during the same time Memphis Wrestling aired]

Turbo Dogs/My Rabbit 1.9 [30776 viewers]