Saturday, April 11, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 4.11.09

----Show open with Corey Maclin with Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher with them putting over the Minglewood Hall show this coming Thursday. Good rapport from the guys. Kevin White had something to say about Su Yung wrestling Renee this Thursday. Good interview. They are promising to show footage of RRO Memphis Wrestling Hall of Famer Tommy Rich, which I am not sure, would be the thing to do. They started the whole bit about what does Rich look like now??

----They aired a promo where “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka was trying to say I love Memphis Classic Wrestling and never could. This was hilarious and pathetic at the same time.

----A video of a match with Tommy Rich vs Masked Invader. Rich is wearing a shirt with 1997-98 on it. Not sure if this was when it was recorded?? Invader was wearing a Masked Superstar mask and tights. Rich takes the heat and bleeds real bad. Heel jumps in and then a babyface makes a save.

----Video of Steve Keirn talking about Memphis Classic Wrestling promo.

----Video of Vikki Guerrero coming talking about Rich coming to Smackdown. It was funny and she told Lawler he was jealous because Rich was going to be her next lover. A video of Ken Kennedy at an art show. He shows a picture he drew of Rich – it looked like a monster. Lawler and Brian C talking about Lawler burning Rich.

----Mickie James promo about Memphis Classic Wrestling. Bert Prentice interview talking about him coming to Minglewood Hall. He says he is the greatest manager in Memphis of all time.

----Lawler vs Bret Hart in a Cage Match from Memphis, TN. Owen Hart tries to go over the top of the cage. Jeff Jarrett grabs Owen before he goes over the top. Giant Gonzalas comes thru the cage door to jump Lawler.

----Dusty Rhodes promo about Memphis Classic Wrestling. Brian C vs Christian from WWE TV.

----Show ends with Lawler and Brian C talking about a fundraiser in Henderson, TN on 4.17.09 and how you contact them about doing a fundraiser by going to


----I thought they did a really good job putting over the show this coming Thursday night. Not sure if the fact the only real angle they ran was “How does Tommy Rich look?” will draw a crowd though??...A well produced show with them showing clips of WWE personalities and matches featuring Lawler and Brian C. This would be good to do and bring in a different wrestling superstar each week…They are emphasizing “Memphis Classic Wrestling” as their tag line now…I have heard how good the Minglewood Hall arena is and such, but the prices to see the event are outrageous - $50, $30 and $15 with the average being $31.66. Is it really worth that to see one of their shows?? If they had 200 paid last time at their show, then that gate was over $6000???...Below is a video of Tommy Rich that was taped in October of last year. I have been told that he looks horrible, but you guys can judge for yourselves.

Tommy Rich from 1988

Rich/Flair from 1981