Thursday, April 09, 2009

Midnight Gold Official Debut This Weekend!!

Midnight Gold, a trio featuring "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton and "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony competing with Brian Thompson as their manager [picture above with RRO's Brian Tramel], will debut in the ring this Saturday, April 11 at the All-Star Wrestling Federation (ASWF) 10th anniversary event in Tuckerman, AR. The show will be held at Valiant Arena.

Although it is the first time for Eaton and Anthony to team in the ring, it will be the actual second apperance of the trio as a unit. Eaton and Thompson were in Anthony's corner when he wrestled Brandon Espinosa for Joey McNew's World Wide Championship Wrestling (WWCW) promotion in Cape Girardeau, MO on March 28. In a pre-match interview, the Espinosa-Anthony match was deemed by Thompson as a "final test" for Anthony to be included in the group. Anthony won with several bouts of outside interference from Eaton and Thompson.

Saturday's show will be Anthony's first time to appear in the ASWF, while it will be the third time for Eaton and Thompson to appear for the promotion this year. They also worked several ASWF shows in 2004 that included angles with Austin Lane, Brandon Baxter and Jimmy Valiant.

Thompson and Eaton appeared for ASWF on February 14, getting involved in a show opening ceremony for Tommy Wayne and his new bride. Casino Kid and Tim Hansen presented the new couple with a cake and then said they had some guests who wanted to share in the moment. Thompson and Eaton came out as babyfaces only to turn in a Thompson promo after Casino and Hansen had left. They brought out X-Kaliber. Eaton tried to hit Wayne's wife with a piece of the cake, but missed. Wayne clocked X-Kaliber and Thompson, but was blindsided by Eaton. The trio then pounded on Wayne until Casino and Hansen made the save.

Eaton and Thompson appeared in X-Kaliber's corner for his match with Wayne later that night. Finish saw Thompson slip Eaton a chain, distract the referee by grabbing a cake that was at ringside. With the ref's attention on Thompson, who ended up taking the cake in the face as he tried to put it into the face of Wayne's new wife, X-Kaliber held Wayne for Eaton to hit him with the chain. Eaton accidentally hit X-Kaliber causing Wayne to win.

Eaton and Thompson returned to ASWF on March 7. They did an interview talking about the cake incident and how Hansen and Casino were responsible for the incident since they bought the cake and brought it to ringside. He showed a contract for a tag team match on April 11 with Casino and Hansen to face Eaton and his new tag team partner Anthony. Then, Thompson told Ricky Rowland, a member of the ASWF management team, to get in the ring. Rowland had taken a picture of Thompson with cake in his face during the Feb. 14 show. That picture ended up being printed in the local Newport Independent newspaper. Thompson confronted Rowland about that. Rowland reminded Thompson of an incident from 2004 where Thompson attacked him with a loaded shoe. Thompson ended up slapping Rowland, who grabbed him. Eaton jumped Rowland and then Thompson whipped him with a belt until Hansen and Casino made the save. Casino cut an intense promo about his dislike for Thompson and his disappointment with Eaton. He agreed to the match on April 11. As Eaton and Thompson distracted them, X-Kaliber and Ray Ray hit the ring for a sneak attack. A brawl ensued.

Eaton and Thompson accompanied X-Kaliber and Ray Ray for their tag team bout with Casino and Hansen later in the night. They eventually left ringside when X-Kaliber and Ray Ray argued.

The match originally scheduled to be Midnight Gold vs. Hansen and Casino will now be Casino and Austin Lane, who returned to ASWF last week, against Eaton and Anthony.

This will be the first of many bookings for Anthony, Eaton and Thompson as a trio in what looks to be a busy summer for Midnight Gold.