Sunday, April 05, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.04.09 - AUSTIN LANE RETURNS!!

Fans what a show we had this evening! Two title matches in one night! Just like every Saturday night Ricky Rowland would come to the ring for the playing of the National Anthem.

Before the first match got underway, Commissioner Ward would come to the ring and call out Tommy Wayne, who was scheduled to fight Chuck Fears in a Street Fight for the Heavyweight Title. Tommy would make his way into the ring and ask the Commissioner why he called him out. T-Bone would tell him that Chuck Fears was not going to be there that he had called in. Commissioner Ward reassured Tommy Wayne that he had his best interests at heart. Tommy told Commissioner Ward that he wanted Chuck and that he wanted him now. T-Bone stated that his 30 title defense clause came up on the 11th and that if Chuck did not defend his title at the 10 Year Anniversary Show then he would be stripped of the title. Disappointed Tommy Wayne would start to leave the ring when Chuck Fears music would begin to play. Little did Tommy Wayne know Fears had been in the crowd disguised and hit Tommy with a steel chair not once but twice in the head leaving him lying in the ring. Chuck stated that he would place the title on the line in the main event.

1st Match: Handicap Match
The Beach Bums vs. Dre Dreads
The Beach Bums (Mark Wolfe and Kaliki) would take on Dre Dreads in a heck of a match. Dre, who over the last few weeks has became a powerhouse in the ASWF, would really be the leading force in this match. The Beach Bums would eventually get things back in order and get the pin over Dre.

Just as the night was on a roll Commissioner Ward would again take to the ring and state that he had another piece of business to take care of. He stated that tonight he was bringing back a long time friend and former wrestler back. He then introduced Austin Lane as that man. After the crowd began to quiet down, Austin stated that his contract was no valid until next week and that he would make a special announcement at the Anniversary Show as well. After which, Austin stated that for the rest of the night he would join T-Bone Terrence Ward at the announcers table.

2nd Match: European Title Match
Cody Murdoch(C) vs. Christopher Lee
This match had been coming for the last couple of weeks. Lee who has had a grudge against Murdoch would be a formidable opponent in this title match. Murdoch would finally have enough of Lee and pull out a chain and use it against Lee. The referee would DQ Murdoch and declare Christopher Lee the winner. Although with the title being on the line it would not change hands because there was no pin or submission.

3rd Match: Triple Threat Tag Match
X-Kaliber/Morgan Williams vs. Idol Bane/Kid Krazzy vs. Ray Ray/ Regulator
This match would take off to a great start. Each team would get a turn in this fast match. One thing that was different was that Regulator and Ray would end up fighting each other in the ring. Not because of dislike for each other but because X-Kaliber [pictured] would tag Regulator and make him face Ray. If you thought this match was going to end like a fairy tail then you’re wrong. X-Kaliber and Morgan Williams would get the last laugh when Morgan would get the 1, 2, 3.

4th Match: Tag Team Match
Johnny Hawk/Johnny Harper vs. Hot Rod John Ellison/Demon X
This match would be an unusual one tonight. Johnny Harper would seem to turn over a new leaf in tonight’s match. Johnny Hawk who insisted on Harper cheating would be turned down. Hot Rod and Demon X put on a valiant effort but just when you thought that Johnny Hawk was about to win, the referee would be distracted and go outside of the ring because of Demon X and Harper fighting. David Walls would take to the ring and hit Hawk in the head with a slapjack and give Demon X and Hot Rod the win.

5th Match: ASWF Heavyweight Title Match
Chuck Fears(C) vs. Tommy Wayne
This match would be nothing short of a career ending match. Tommy Wayne would run to the spearing fears picking up chair and swinging it at chuck when chuck see's it coming tommy hits ref and knocks him out. Chuck hits an awesome elbow off top rope so second ref comes out and to no surprise he also gets hit. Finally Cody Only Comes Out with ref shirt on and takes the match.Chuck Fears would remain in control for most of the match, using everything from cookie sheets, steel chairs, and heck pretty much anything short of the kitchen sink. At one point Chucks hit Cudagra and Tommy kicks out. Tommy then hits the Sky High Cross Body Off top But Chuck kicks out. Tommy then goes under the ring gets a table and sets it up. Chuck tho saw it coming and hit Tommy with DDT on the chair. Just before Cody’s hand hit the mat Tommy kicked out. Chuck sets Tommy on top rope to suplex him threw table when Tommy does sunset flip off top rope and powerbombs Chuck threw table and would Pin Fears and get the 123.
Crowd was 175 .

Next Week:
10 Year Anniversary Show

European Championship Match
Cody Murdoch(C) vs. Christopher Lee

X-Division T.L.C. Championship Match
X-Kaliber vs. Idol Bane vs. Ray Ray vs. Kid Krazzy vs. Regulator vs. Morgan Williams

Heavyweight Title Match
Tommy Wayne Vs ?

Tag Match
Austin Lane & Casino Vs "Midnight Gold" [Greg Anthony/Bobby Eaton] with Brian Thompson.

----I got an e-mail with the following from Austin Lane about his return...

"Believe it or not, there is no big story. RWA is a wonderful promotion and place to work. There is a lot of talent there. TONS. The reasons for me returning to ASWF has nothing to do with RWA at all. They are simply personal reasons. I wish RWA all of the luck in the world. I am very thankful and appreciative of the time I spent there. I will cherish the memories and have learned a lot. I must move forward with my journey and thank everyone who has supported me."