Monday, April 13, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.11.09

The night began with Rickey Rowland welcoming everyone to the Valiant Arena and the playing of our national anthem. After which Commissioner Terrence Ward would take to the ring and give a brief speech on the beginning of the ASWF and its 10 year history. He then called out all the wrestlers from the back to come and surround the ring. He announced that tonight another name would be added to the ASWF Hall of Fame. He stated that this person was at the very first ASWF show in 1999 and built the first ring used by the company. He named “Hot Rod” John Ellison as that inductee. Ellison would take to the ring and thank the ASWF and the fans for their support over the years.

1st Match: Tag Team Match

Cason McClain/Dre Dread vs. The Beach Bums (Kaliki/Mark Wolfe)

This match would begin as an adrenaline fueled match between these two teams. The Beach Bums would prove to be no match for the strength and shear brutality of Dre and McClain. Dre would end the match by pining his opponent to gain the win.

A surprise was lurking just before the second match was about to begin. Brian Thompson along with “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton and “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony (Midnight Gold) would take to the ring and call out Casino. They would state that they signed a contract to wrestle Casino and Tim Hanson. Casino stated that Hanson was not here and that he thought Midnight Gold might have something to do with it. Thompson stated that they would let Casino choose a tag team partner from anybody from the back. Casino came back with a partner, but not one that Midnight Gold wanted to see. Thompson stated that Austin Lane was not an employee of ASWF and they would not face him in a match. Commissioner Ward would tell Midnight Gold that Austin’s contract was valid as of tonight and would tell Thompson that they would face Casino and Austin tonight in the feature match of the night.

2nd Match: European Championship Match

Cody Murdoch (C) vs. Christopher Lee

After last weeks match between these two superstars, Lee was itching for a rematch for the title. Last week Murdoch would use a chain to be DQ by the referee allowing him to retain the title. Murdoch would be the dominate force to deal with in this match. He would eventually land the flatbed on Lee and both would be knocked out. By the count of 9 they would both be back on their feet and outside the ring. The referee would finally count to ten and declare a draw. Commissioner Ward, just like the fans, was tired of seeing Murdoch get away his title unfairly. He would restart the match and declare that their must be a winner. Lee would catch Murdoch off guard and get the pin. Lee would be the new European Champion.

3rd Match: One Fall

Kid J and Lil’ Devil

This was a match you could not turn your eyes off of. Both wrestlers would put on a good match until “Mr. Muscle” Morgan Williams would run to the ring and start attacking Kid J until backup arrived. Kid J would win by DQ.

4th Match: Tag Team Championship Match

Johnny Hawk/Caleb King (C) vs. Demon X/Hot Rod John Ellison

What a match this was. Caleb King and Johnny Hawk would be up to no good as usual. During the match Ellison would walk out of the match, leaving Demon X to defend himself against two opponents. Thankfully Johnny Harper would come out to save Demon X, but would get beaten up in the process. Caleb King and Johnny Hawk would walk away victorious. After the match Harper would challenge King and Hawk to a match against himself and Demon X next week for the titles.

5th Match: Tag Team Match

Midnight Gold (Beautiful Bobby Eaton/Golden Boy Greg Anthony) with Brian Thompson vs. Casino/Austin Lane

This match was non stop. Casino and Austin would show great determination in this match against one of the most formidable tag teams in the Mid-South. Brian Thompson would try his best to put the odds in favor of Midnight Gold. However, Casino and Austin would get the last laugh when Casino would get the pin. After the match Midnight Gold would handcuff Casino to the rope and begin to whip Austin with Thompson’s belt. Nikki Lane, Austin’s wife, would come in between Midnight Gold but would get a taste of pain. Casino was finally set free of the handcuffs by referee Richard Tindall. Austin stated that they were dead men when they came back to Tuckerman.

6th Match: ASWF Heavyweight Title Match

Tommy Wayne (C) vs. Cody Only

If you were to describe this match with one word it would be RESPECT. Both Tommy and Cody would show more respect in this match than any other you have ever seen. Control of the match would exchange pretty regularly in this match. But in the end Tommy would retain his title and both superstars would raise each others hands in a match well done.

7th Match: X-Division TLC Match

Ray Ray (C) vs. X-Kaliber vs. Morgan Williams vs. Regulator vs. Kid Krazzy vs. Idol Bane

This match was truly an action packed, adrenaline fueled, thrill ride of a match. Action was in, outside, near the ceiling, and on the floor of the ring and arena. Ray would be tossed off the top of the ladder trying to grasp for his title but was knocked off hitting the floor, once by X-Kaliber and once by Idol Bane. Kid Krazzy would be dropped from the ladder onto wooden door that was suspended by the edge of the security rail and the side of the ring. Every superstar defiantly put in their 110% of work in this main event. Just at the end of the match Ray would finally get back to the ladder, with the carnage of the other superstars all around him, Morgan would try to pull him down. When he did, he didn’t realize that Ray had the title in his hand and would win this brutal match.

ASWF would also like to thank all of those who have supported them in the last 10 years. Whether you were a wrestler, referee, or fan your dedication and interest in wrestling has made the ASWF what it is today. Thanks for 10 years and we hope to be around 10 more!

A special congratulations to "Hot Rod" John Ellison for induction to the ASWF Hall of Fame.

Credit: Terrance Ward

----260 in the crowd...I was told that everyone enjoyed “Midnight Gold” and they “tore down the house” in their debut. What is up with that jacket in the pic above that TGB is wearing?? TGB really has that 80s look going...I also got word that an angle starting this week will lead up to Derrick King vs Austin Lane over the idea their ranking in the RRO Yearbook 2008.