Friday, April 17, 2009

RassleResults: Memphis Classics Wrestling Memphis, TN 4.16.09

Matt Boyce beat Teddy Tender

King Cobra beat Derrick King

Bill Dundee defeated Don Bass with Hollywood Jimmy

Veronica over Su Yung via DQ. Kevin and Su was double teaming Veronica, Lawler and Renee came to the ring and the next match began with Renee pinning Su Yung.

Koko Ware defeated Kevin White w/ Su Yung.
White and Yung did a beatdown on Koko after the match.

Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher beat Doug Gilbert and Tommy Rich.

Credit: SWStudd

---- I was told that the crew was disappointed with 200 people turnout. Almost everyone was in general admission with maybe 25 at ringside $50 prices. I doubt if they will go back…This group also ran Hohenwad, TN again a few weeks and did not draw very well – only about 100…They scheduled for Parsons, TN this upcoming Thursday April 23 and am being told they have close to 600 tickets already sold. That could easily be the biggest gate of the year in this area…Rich looked like a 80 year old man barely being able to walk. Sad, very sad.