Sunday, April 12, 2009

RassleResults: MSW Booneville, AR 4.11.09

Mid-South Wrestling
Booneville, AR
National Guard Armory

1) "The New Age Superstar" Gram Gram pinned Max McGuirk after hitting the Gram Cracker Crunch.

2) "Bruiser" Rick Sweetan (with Boyd Bradford) beat Dustin Anderson with the Oklahoma Stampede.

3) "The Psychotic One" Ellis B. Hall beat The Medic with the Iron Claw.

4) Wes Robinson pinned Matt Riviera [pictured] with a school boy. Post match saw Jeff Jett slide in the ring and hit Robinson with a chair. Riviera nailed him with a chair shot as well and then they hit a double suplex. The Atomic Dogg made the save.

5) Ravishing Rich Rude pinned "Heartbreaker" Chas Cardington after catching him in mid-air for a powerslam. Impressive finish.

6) Mark Johnson beat "Bruiser" Rick Sweetan (with Boyd Bradford) in a grudge match.

7) Tag Team Champions Reckage & Romance (Matt Riviera & Jeff Jett) beat The Atomic Dogg & "The New Age Superstar" Gram Gram when Jett pinned Dogg. Finish saw the heat on Gram. Gram hit the Gram Cracker Crunch on Riviera. Double down. Hot tag to Dogg and the place goes nuts. Riviera feeds in for a spinebuster and powders to the floor. Gram hits a plancha on Riviera and beats his brains out. In the ring, Dogg hits the Dogg Catcher on Jeff. Manager Boyd Bradford runs out and tosses Dogg brass knuckles. Dogg turns and Jett nails him and pins him. Riviera and Jett crawl away with the tag belts. Bradford wants to sign Reckage & Romance, but they will have none of it and Dogg grabs Bradford. He hits a death valley driver on Bradford and Gram counts 3 to send the people home happy.

Good show that saw a guest appearance by Bill Ash and former WWE ring announcer Mike McGuirk was in attendance to watch Max. She looked great! Near packed house with 220 in attendance.