Wednesday, April 01, 2009

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 3.28.09 - Reno Diamond and Mike Anthony Turn!!

1. J.D. Kerry VS The Natural Born Playa'z: Winner Playa'z
2. Lucky VS Bull: Winner Bull
3. CCR VS Irish Dragons: Winners CCR
4. Ron Rage VS Precious: Winner Ron Rage
5. Cujo VS The Tejano Kid: Winner Cujo
6. Gary Diamond and Reno Diamond [pictured] VS The Allen Brothers: Winner Gary and Reno Diamond
7. PokerfaceVS Blalok: Winner Blalok the Blazer
8. CCR VS Playa'z: Winner CCR
9. Austin Lane VS RWA Heavyweight Champion Rodney "Bad Dogg" Mack: Winner. Rodney Mack.

The Show started with Owner Frank Martin coming out and announcing that the RWA will soon have a new Heavyweight belt and the current belt will become the TV championship Belt. Also the semi finals of the RWA tag team tournament would be that Saturday night. Martin then told the fans that they wanted to make sure they did not miss one Saturday night because coming soon to the RWA is Flash Flanagan.

J.D. Kerry had to take on the “Playa'z” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] in a handicap match because his partner Mike Titan was not at the show leaving his partner alone in the tag team tournament. The Playa'z took advantage of this and really wore the young Kerry out and got the win to advance in the tournament.

The new comer to the RWA Bull the Manimal used his size and strength and beat Lucky. Lucky is no longer a part of the Leprechauns as his brother Lethal is no longer in the RWA.

CCR and The Irish Dragons had a tournament match. CCR surprised the Dragons and got the three count on them.

Precious came out and did a very good mic spill. He told the fans that he wanted Soul Train Jones. To make sure he got what he wanted he made the challenge to Soul Train and made the match a loser leaves town. Knowing Soul Train the way this reporter does, Soul Train will not back down from this fight. Precious made the comment of the ring being his, this is when Ron Rage the leader of the POB came to the ring. The two squared off and the fight began. Precious won the match by DQ as Rage loaded his elbow pad and used it on Precious. Then another new comer hit the ring his name is Stretch. Rage made short work of him, then got the mic and told the fans that he was putting down every member of the Dog pound. Rage told the fans he had put out Rick Ruby and along with him goes his wife and kid Drew "Pup" Porter. At this point Rodney Mack hit the ring and cleared it of Rage. Mack told Rage he was tired of all the under handed tricks to get The Dogg Pound Members. Mack told Rage he didn’t care where or when but he wanted him in a match. Then Mack went on to challenge Rage to a parking lot match. They will circle the cars in the parking lot and fight in the middle of them. The match was signed that night.

Cujo and Tejano had a very good match. Tejano came out and told the fans that there was not a man or woman that could beat him. Tejano then challenged anyone in the back, Cujo answered the challenge. This was a very good match with Tejano showing the best way to attack a big man is to attack his knees. When you get a big man off his feet his power is then limited. Tejano made on mistake and Cujo got a choke slam on Tejano and got the 3 count.

Gary Diamond and Reno Diamond had a great match with the younger Allen Brothers with Pimp Rickey by their sides. Gary and Reno used their experience to get the 3 count and after that the Allen boys attacked them from behind. Reno chased the Allens back to the dressing room and that's when the masked man who has been attacking Diamond and Austin Lane hit the ring. He busted Gary Diamond open with a chair and revealed himself to Diamond and the fans. It was Mike Austin. He wants Diamond and Lane out of the business.

Pokerfaceand Blalok The Blazer had a last man standing match. It was a very physical match that went all over the building. They used crutches and wet floor signs Duck Tape and a golf club and baseball. At one point Poker placed the baseball between the legs of Blalok and teed off with he golf club. Blalok threw fire in the face of Poker and Poker had poured water on his face right before so it had no effect. Tejano hit the ring and nailed Poker Face, that's when Mike Anthony hit the ring and took out Tejano. The whole time Poker had Duck taped Blalok to the ring post. Then Mike Anthony shocked the fans and hit Pokerface with a chair and knocked him out and busted Poker open. He set Blalok free and held him up as the Ref made the 10 count on Poker. When Poker came to he was not happy and told Anthony he would get his hands on him real soon.

CCR had a great match with the Playa'z. CCR is the favorite and really work well together. The Playa'z under estimated CCR and CCR got a double roll up for the pin. These two teams will meet this Saturday in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the titles.

Rodney Mack and Austin Lane had a good match and much to the delight of the fans Austin kept up with Mack the whole time. Mack hit his spear and got the 3 count. Mack left the ring and when Austin got to his feet Mike Austin came out and asked Lane if he thought he had forgot about him? At this point another masked man came to the ring behind Austin and hit him with a chair busting him open. The Masked man took off the mask and you could have knocked over the fans with a feather. The second Masked man was Reno Diamond. Wow no one saw this coming and this left Austin Lane and Gary Diamond alone as a team.

There was 200+ in the building and the fans were hot and got 3 hours of great wrestling action. This group is really telling their stories in the ring and with the TV coverage this group is branching out. The RWA will be in Harrisburg this Friday night and then Saturday night back to Jonesboro. In two weeks they will be back in Harrisburg on Friday then again in Jonesboro and then Sunday evening in Newport. Look for the RWA to come to a town near you in the future.

Credit: RWAreporter

----I was surprised to see two turns on one show, but it probably really surprised the crowd - especially Reno under the hood.