Tuesday, April 07, 2009

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 4.04.09 - Big Crowd!!!

The show started with owner Frank Martin coming out with the new tag team belts. He reminded the crowd that the finals would be tonight and the RWA would crown their first ever tag team champion's. Frank told the crowd that they were doing a TV taping and that they would see up to three intro's for the show since they were taping for two weeks. He also reminded the crowd that after the first match everyone would go out into the parking lot to watch the parking lot match between Ron Rage and RWA Heavyweight Champion Rodney "Bad Dogg" Mack.[pictured above]

1. Bull the Manamial VS Lucky Winner Bull
2. Ron Rage VS Rodney Mack Winner Ron Rage
3. Tejano VS Cujo
4. Scott Fury VS Soul Train Jones Winner Soul Train Jones
5. Bull the Manamial VS D.J.
6. Mike Anthony VS J.D. Kerry Winner J.D. Kerry
7. The Natural Born Playaz VS CCR. 2 out of 3 falls match. Winner and New RWA Tag Team Champion's The “Natural Born Playaz” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular].

Mike Austin and Reno Diamond came out first and did a promo telling the crowd the reason why he did what he did. Austin told everyone that it was personal between Gary Diamond and Austin. Reno then decided to stay out and commentate for the rest of the night.

The first match saw Bull the Manamial taking on Lucky. Lucky gave all he had and had Bull close to a 3 count several times. Bull was just too strong and big on this night and hit the Running of the Bull to get the win.

The Second match was the parking lot match, the racing team of Jones and Roach donated a car for the match and allowed the guy's to do anything they wanted to the car. This match was brutal from the beginning, they fought for several minutes and then it happened. Rage threw Mack into the side of the car and his shoulder hit the back side window and busted it out. Mack was bleeding from the shoulder from the glass. Mack slammed Rage through the windshield of the car. Then Mack hit a Belly to Back on Rage on top of the car. They made it back on the gravel of the parking lot and Mack got a aluminum base ball bat out of the back of a truck and hit Rage and you could hear the contact all over the parking lot as Mack did not pull the shot with the baseball bat. Everything the guy's did was very stiff in fact they did not pull anything and made full contact with all the punches and kicks. By now both were bleeding and it was done the hard way! Rage gained control of the match and hit a pile driver on the roof of the car and got the 3 count. Security had to surround Rage and take him away from the building as some of the crowd tried to attack Rage. This match will not be shown on the TV program because of the violence of the match.

As the crowd came back in Martin did another opening and explained the way the TV Championship tournament would go. It will be a Gauntlet style match with a twist. Two Wrestlers will start the match the loser will leave the ring and the next man in line comes in and they wrestle. The last wrestler standing in ring will be the first TV Champion. Martin told the crowd that the guys would have to prove they are worthy of having the belt and defending it on TV. It also gives the Champion the right to challenge for the RWA Belt at any time. However if the TV Champion loses that match then the TV belt goes back up for another tournament. This will give everyone a chance at the belt and give the guy's who need the exposure the exposure the need on TV. Tejano came out and told Martin that he should just give the belt to him because he had beaten everyone. Martin told him he would have to prove that he is worthy and he would get the chance because there was someone who would give him the chance. That's when Cujo came out.

The match between Cujo and Tejano was also physical. These two guys were really going after each other until Dangerous Dominique distracted the ref and Tejano hit a low blow and then pulled a chain and threw it to Cujo(can you say Eddie) and took the bump. The ref DQ'd Cujo and Tejano kept sitting up and looking at Cujo and then laying back down when the ref turned to look at him.
This was a really good match.

The next match saw The Irish Dragon Scott Fury take on Soul Train Jones. The crowd loves the big man Soul Train. This was a great match as Scott worked over Soul Train's left arm trying to take away some of Soul Trains strength. Soul Train hit a big power slam and got the 3 count.

Bull came back out to confront Martin and tell him he also should get the TV Belt. Martin told him that he had not been here long enough to tell him what to do. But if he wanted to prove himself worthy there was a new comer by the name of D.J. he could fight. D.J. came out good looking young worker. Bull was brutal on him and hit the running of the Bull and then left the ring and told Martin "now put me in the tournament"

The Next match saw J.D. Kerry come out and challenge Mike Anthony, before Anthony came out Blalock came out and told the crowd that he had the new and improved Mike Anthony. This match was fast and both workers showed their talents. but in the end Kerry got the win. Then Blalock attacked Kerry along with Anthony. That's when Poker Face hit the ring with a crutch and hit Anthony hard. Blalock and Anthony started back to the dressing room. Blalock then turned and told Poker that Poker signed a contract and did not read it. That it was a handicap match and if Poker Face loses then he is fired.

The main event saw The Natural Born Playaz and CCR tie up and give the crowd the best match of the night. It was a no DQ falls count anywhere. They like Mack and Rage did not pull any punches or chair shots they fought all over the arena and the whole time the match was going on the Playaz music kept playing(ECW New Jack feeling) The Natural Born Playaz got the first fall, CCR got the second and The Playaz got the third. To tell you how stiff the match was, after the match Cannons left arm was red and bruised from the shoulder to the elbow and he had a knot on his head the size of a golf ball. Cannon had a concussion and was vomiting in the dressing room. He took a beating as did all the guys.

There was 275+ in the building and the crowd was hot, very hot to the point that several guys in the crowd tried to start fights outside but security stopped all of them. One fan called the County Sheriff because his little girl got scared and he thought the Playaz were trying to hurt or kill Cannon and Chris. Even Randy was bleeding. It was crazy and brutal and the fans loved every minute of it.
CredIt: RWAreporter

----I got the followIng from Cannon about hIs bout…

“I got knocked Lupe Saturday nIght!!!

Hey, I don't know how I am doing this but, as I am writing this it is a miracle I am standing! In my 17 years of pro-wrestling I have never had the roughest/toughest match as I had last Saturday night with the Playzs. It was brutal! I suffered a minor concussion and my left arm got brutalized. It is all black and blue and purple. I got a knot size of a quarter on my head. I threw up 6 times In 24 hrs period that's how brutal it was, but we loved ever single minute of It. Well except me I didn’t know where I was (LOL) the fans went nuts! Nobody was sitting they all were standing.”

----I am not sure if all of this is good or bad for Cannon. LOL I thought the object of it is not to hurt each other?? I do know that Mack and Rage have been working stiff their whole feud and the fans believe. I want to see the parking lot match!!...Another huge crowd!!

Photo by Brian Tramel