Thursday, April 02, 2009

RassleResults: TXW Knoxville, TN 3.28.09

Last Saturday's show was a huge success. The largest crowd TXW has had at the South Knoxville Family Rec Center witnessed many titles changes, bloody kendo stick shots, a $999 pair of blue alligator shoes, an amazing triple threat match for the Heavyweight Championship, a Mexican Hat Dance, the return of the Death Row Inmates, the 4th member of Ruff Cutt being revealed, a 300 lb man doing a Swanton Bomb on the Honky Tonk Man's illegitimate son, and a street fight to end all street fights.

1) TXW Youtube Television Championship
Bobwyre tied to pull out all the stops against the Super Cruiserweight, even confusing Billy Marshall with a Mexican Hat Dance, and landing a DDT which made it look like lightning was gonna strike twice for the second fight in a row. But Funkmaster V distracted the referee before Bobwyre could make a cover. Bobwyre disposed of Funkmaster V, but turned around and walked into Billy's grasp. Two Crash Diets and a chokeslam later, the commissioner Billy made the 1...2...3 to regain his title.
Billy Marshall pins Bobwyre (c) to regain the Youtube TV Championship

After the match, Funkmaster V pleaded with Billy to let him join his idols in Ruff Cutt, stating that the faction has been turned down by Jerry Lee, Chris Cameron, and Bob O Mac. Billy tripped Funkmaster V and left the ring, but Funk just laughed it off and blamed the trip on sorry ring construction.

2) Juggalo Drake reappeared with his new look, song, and name (Masquerade) to face the man(?) that took the Juggalo name from him, his old high school friend: Demetria. This match featured many high impact moves, and when Demetria appeared to be at the bad end of a Spinebuster, his manager Monroe Fayte entered the ring, again with a Kendo Stick. Masquerade threw her to the ground and pummeled a bloody Demetria with the stick to the oohs and ahhs of the crowd.
Masquerade defeated Demetria by DQ

3) The Mothership with Funkmaster V
Funkmaster V pleaded with Ruff Cutt to let him join the stable, complimenting Mike Powers’ shiny head, Jody Rivers natural physique, and Billy's power. He convinced them to let him try to defeat Billy for the TXW Youtube Television Title to fit in with the champions, and after a sweaty envelope full of cash was exchanged, Billy allowed Funkmaster V to pin him for the 1...2...3 without a fight and awarded him the belt. Ruff Cutt then announced Funkmaster V as the new Youtube TV Champion, but not the 4th member of Ruff Cutt, and proceeded to beat him with a belt and his brand new blue alligator shoes.
Funkmaster V pinned Billy Marshall (c) to win the TXW Youtube Television Championship after a bribe

4) The Death Row Inmates had their first match together at TXW since June of last year, and took on the tag team of seasoned tag team wrestler Chris Dalton of the Outlaws and an upstart Tyler Tate. The crowd was split on who to cheer for, but after some high impact moves, Death Row left with an impressive win... Ruff Cutt take note!
Death Row Inmates defeated Chris Dalton & Tyler Tate via pinfall

5) The crowd loved the next match between a returning Dave "The Science" Pillman and the Honky Tonk Man's illegitimate son, Honky Tonk Matt. Honky Tonk Matt shook and shimmied for the crowd, but he couldn't do his father proud as Pillman landed a Swanton Bomb to silence Matt and the roaring crowd.
Dave "The Science" Pillman defeated Honky Tonk Matt via pinfall

6) TXW Heavyweight Championship 3-Way
Chris Cameron looked to defend his championship in the first ever 3 way for the TXW Heavyweight Championship. Jerry Lee was nursing an injured shoulder, and had his hands full with Billy Marshall and Cameron who could be joining Ruff Cutt very soon. The action was hot, heavy, and went back and forth. Though Jerry was injured, he landed his feared Powerslam on Chris Cameron, but before he could win the title back, Billy Marshall pinned Cameron for the 1...2...3 as Jerry was distracted by Mike Powers and Jody Rivers of Ruff Cutt.
Billy Marshall defeated Chris Cameron (c) & Jerry Lee for the title via pinfall

7) TXW Tag Team Championship- Street Fight
The crowd was red hot for this match, which saw the Tag Team Champions Ruff Cutt defend their titles against the newly named "Bob Squad" (Bobby Blassie and Bob O Mac). The street fight rules were implemented almost immediately, as the tag teams tore up the South Knox Family Rec Center . Billy Marshall was banned from ringside in this one, and it looked like The Bob Squad was on the verge of victory after a Bob O Mac superkick energized the crowd and Bobby Blassie landed his flying elbow. Mike Powers even got a strip of his back hair ripped off with the duct tape he used earlier in the match. But oddly enough, Robbie Race distracted the ref as double sunset flips were put on Ruff Cutt, and the new TXW Heavyweight Champion, Billy Marshall arrived to double chokeslam the challengers. Ruff Cutt made the pin and retained.
Ruff Cutt (c) retained after pinning the Bob Squad (Race-Marshall inter.)

Robbie Race took his hoodie off to reveal a Ruff Cutt T-shirt underneath, leading many to believe that he is the 4th member of Team Ruff Cutt. Chris Cameron hit the ring with a chair and announced that next month, May 2nd 2009, same place-same time, Team Ruff Cutt (Marshall, Powers, Rivers, and Race) were going to take on himself, Jerry Lee, and the Bob Squad to bury the hatchet. And of course it was left up to the man with too much power, the Commish & Heavyweight Champion, Billy Marshall, to agree. Surprisingly enough, he did with no strings attached.

Credit: Vinne Vineyard

----I am not sure how good the workrate is for this group, but I have always put them over for their youtube title. But, any group that features Honky Tonk Man's illegitimate son, blue alligator shoes, a Mexican Hat Dance and a team that is called "Bob Squad" is over with me. LOL