Tuesday, April 07, 2009

RassleResults: PWA Parkin, AR 4.04.09

Pro Wrestling Alliance in Parkin, AR at the High School Gym April 4 before 200-250 fans:

1) Matt Riviera pinned Wes Robinson after an Arn Anderson spinebuster. Afterwards, Riviera grabbed a chair and went to work on Robinson. Heartbreaker Chas Cardington made the save with a chair that sent Riviera running.

2) Johnny Morton beat Jamie Lee with a superkick.

3) Rik Burton defeated Gary Lawler via disqualification when Lawler used the fireball on Burton. Lawler was sitting at ringside by the announcer and Burton took the mic and told him he was going to stick the crown up his ass, which led to a match.

4) Ron Horn beat Ravishing Rich Rude [pictured] with the FU (Cena's finish). Rude looks just like Rick Rude and is 48 years old.

5) Heartbreaker Chas Cardington pinned Matt Riviera with a small package. Insane heat here as Riviera took the mic and tore into the people of Parkin. Place went nuts when Riviera got pinned out of no where.

6) Jamie Jay beat Johnny Morton to become first PWA Heavyweight Champion. Good match!

Robinson, Rude, and Cardington are all students from Riviera's school in Russellville with head trainer Bill Ash. Jamie Lee is being trained by Jamie Jay and Johnny Morton. It was all of these guy's 2nd matches and all did well. Several other PWA shows are in the works.

----Some good talent here. Good to see Jamie Jay back doing regular shows...I hate the play on names with Rich Rude and such. This guy looks like Rude's daddy though. LOL...New promotion and they just have to have a belt; don't they?? LOL...I heard some kind of story from a past show from this group - one of Rivieras' students pinned him on mistake [when Riveria did pull up his shoulder]?? Apparently Riviera went crazy backstage after the match.