Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Arena Report: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 5.09.09

----What happens when you get the two top ranked wrestlers in RRO Top 10 booked for an “Iron Man” Match?? Well, you get me the road to finish up “Book Tour 2008” at “Promotion of the Year” ASWF in Tuckerman, AR at the Valiant Arena.

----Showed opened with “Mr. Muscles” Morgan Williams coming out with Athena Eclipse to celebrate his birthday. He had a cake. Guess what happened?? LOL Demon X came out and it ended up in Morgan’s face.

----Kid Krazzy/Regulator beat “Beach Bums” [Kaliki/Mark Wolf] in a good solid opener. Two double team moves from Bums that got no reaction. Krazzy did a sweet running dropkick into the corner. Regulator did his Booker T modified legdrop move. Krazzy did a 360 to pin and get the win for their team. [**1/2]

----Judgement beat MacDaddy. Just a horrible match. Judge uses MacDaddy’s brand iron. [DUD]

----Cody Murdock came out with a cane talking about having to wrestle the old guys. Casino comes out and he does a good mic spill. Good match with perfect psychology. Casino took a good ass whipping. Cody did a frogsplash and Casino kicked out for a good pop. Cody got DQ’ed for using the cane. Cody challenged Casino to a “Nursing Home” Match for next week. [**3/4]

----Morgan Williams beat Demon X. Morgan did a fantastic job leading X in the best bout I have seen him in to date. Just basic psychology with X taking a beating. Small comeback with Morgan then hitting a “Muscle cutter” [RKO] on X for the win. X got on the mic and said how Morgan was just a better man for the night. [**1/2]

----“Hot Rod” John Ellison beat Christopher Lee for the European Title with a sharpshooter. I felt sorry for Lee here as I seen him in a pretty good bout last time. Ellison kept the sharpshooter on and Tim Hansen made the save. He will be the special ref for next week’s return match. Thank god I will be at home!! [DUD]

----Josh Cydal/Cason McClain beat “LSD” [Idol Bane/Cody Only]. Bane/Only came out to a “superstar” style pop. It was like they were something special to the fans. Heat on Cody Only. Only came out of it with a black hole slam. I like both Cydal and McClain, but I don’t think the fans take them as serious contenders against LSD. LSD did take the loss as McClain pushed Bane into Only for the pin. [**3/4]

----Justin Smart beat Ray Ray by DQ. Both guys working hard. Smart had Bethany at ringside and they are doing the Savage/Elizabeth gimmick. Ray with a pretty Juvi driver and an awesome elbow from the top. This was solid work, but they spent most of the time of telling Bethany story and building for next week’s Hardcore match for the X-Division Title. They did Eddy Guerrero finish with ref thinking Ray had hit Smart for the win. [**1/2]

----Johnny Hawk beat Tommy Wayne to win the ASWF Title. Is Hawk one of the bookers?? Maybe he was trained in Mississippi?? I felt sorry for Wayne, who didn’t get close to the reaction the last time I was here. Hawk wins the title using the chain and with his feet on the ropes. No reaction or heat for this bout. Hawk cut Wayne’s hair after bout. [*] – for Wayne at least trying to have a good bout.

----Austin Lane beat Derrick King in first minute of “overtime” in an “Iron Man” 30 minute match. A huge pop for Lane coming out. “Austin..Austin” chant before the match even started by Lane just moving his hand to get the crowd going. They started going all over the building. Lane broke a fan’s dry erase board over King’s head. Back in the ring with Lane misses a dive to the outside to the floor. DK suplexs Lane on the floor. DK played total heel here and was getting tremendous heat. DK hits first superkick. DK with a Frankensteiner from the top rope. DK down and putting over he might be legit hurt, but comes out of it with a superkick. Angelina came out and gave DK something and Nikki Lane attacked her for a big pop. There was all kinds of near falls with spears from Lane and superkicks from DK with fans popping for everything. Time expired and as it was going down the ref just stopped counting. The Commish Terrance Ward went to the back and then came back and said they had one more minute. Lane with the pin and win. Match of the Year candidate. [****1/4]


----100 to 150 in the building. It started with a little over a 100 but more people showed up at different times. They had a “Hometown Days” event, which was a carnival behind them. I think they did fantastic to draw that number with a thing like that behind them…Regulator would make a good masked babyface with all his flashy moves – still needs lots of work…Athena is really good at ringside. She is into every move of the match…Casino is good on the mic, but after the bout he just insulted Cody too much. Babyfaces forget they have to put over their opponent or it will not mean anything to beat them…Demon X had a new suit and he got glitter all over the ring. Everyone had gold glitter on them…Speaking of X, he is no longer the worst wrestler in ASWF – it is solid four way tie with MacDaddy, Judgement, John Ellison and Johnny Hawk. I will give the edge to Hawk because he is pushed as their top champion. ASWF needs to send those guys to Mississippi to work. LOL…X could get Most Improved and Morgan Williams as Most Underrated if they could keep having solid matches…Cydal is Suicide, who worked Christian Jacobs at NBW’s “Springbreakout”. Bane had a funny comment saying he was formally Suicide until he marked out. LOL… Guys over in this promotion – Bane, Cody and Lane. Lane is over near Rodney Mack babyface level in RWA. Crowd is into everything he does. Ray Ray and Smart got a good reaction. Wayne may have killed his pop working Hawk…I have never seen King get heat like that. I usually see him as a “cool” or “comedy” heel – that crowd hated him…Ref sort of messed up the finish, but Ward covered it. But, the rules of an “Iron Man” is if they are tied at the end or no pinfalls – they go into a “Sudden Death” with the first person getting a fall wins; right?? Well it was pretty much done that way, but not described that way…Thanks to cast and crew. Special thanks to promoters David Walls and Ricky Rowland. I had a great time!!

Photos of the event will be posted tomorrow.