Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coach's Corner: " Fantasy NBW Booking :“The Magnificent One” Jeremy Moore "

----Since it seems like Jeremy Moore is always in the position of changing the total direction of his promotion every few months, I thought it was be fun to book the next few weeks for him. None of this can happen now, because I posted it, but Gene Jackson got me in the “booking” mode with his recent article. So if I was Jeremy Moore, here is what I would do…

----Moore opens the show telling the fans that he is the tag team champion – all alone he is the champion. He then goes on to explain to the fans that the reason Sarge O’Reilly and XOW are not here anymore. It is because of his stupid step father. He goes on and on about how life would be so much easier for him, if his step father Jeff O’Donald wasn’t so stupid and that his mom was stupid for marrying him. “Law & Order” Commish Tim Davis comes out to say he was backstage last week and he knows what happened. It was not Jeff’s fault and tells Moore to quit being a “spoiled brat”. Moore then proceeds to announce that it is funny how Davis just said, “brat”, because he has had to go out a find a new crew of wrestlers. His stupid step father cannot book talent, so he intros his new “Brat Pack” to the fans of NBW. “Genocide” [Albino Rhino/Max Corbin] walk out first. Moore says they are here to make sure he keeps the NBW tag titles. Next out comes “The Big Bad Wolf” Kevin Nikels. Moore talks about him being the shooter or the enforcer of the group. Finally, he introduces “Sensational” Shawn Reed with Anita Paige. Reed tells everyone that he has brought the beautiful Paige to help them run the “Brat Pack”. [Paige will be dressed “family oriented”, but used to tell Moore’s parents that he will have beautiful women out with him if he wants!!] Moore finishes the interview by saying, “You, Mom and all these stupid fans can go to hell!!”

----Here are various matchups and angles going on building for the next big show – “Summer Jam 2009”

-Moore says that for someone to get a tag team shot they have to beat “Genocide”. “Genocide” beat Tommy Redneck/Jon Biscuit for three weeks in a row leading to them turning against each other two weeks before “Summer Jam”.

-Each week Moore never wrestles and gets into with Tim Davis, Jeff O’Donald and even his mom. Moore announces that he will be known as “The Magnificent One” Jeremy Moore from this point on. This leads to Moore challenging McDonald to a full ownership “War Games” Cage match at “Summer Jam 2009” with the “Brat Pack” vs “Team NBW” - 5 wrestlers of his choice. Jeff accepts and announces that it will be Derrick King, Mark Justice, Jon Roberts, Tommy Redneck and a SURPRISE PARTNER!!

-O’Donald also is joined by Brian Thompson for an interview segment 2 weeks before “Summer Jam 2009”. Thompson says he has been watching the results on RRO and listening to his friend Brian Tramel, who says that Moore is just a punk. And since it looks like Roberts/Redneck will not be teaming against “Genocide” at “Summer Jam”, why don’t he just bring in “Midnight Gold” [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony] and if they beat “Genocide” at the show, then they get a shot at Moore for the tag straps the next week.

-Mark Justice, NBW Champion, is feuding with Jon Michael over the belt. Shawn Reed keeps interfering causing it to be a DQ. Reed gets a shot at the belt 2 weeks before “Summer Jam” and wins the belt. Justice is being cheered as he has sided with McDonald and Davis.

-Nikels does handicap squash matches each week against various opponents. This puts him over as a monster heel.

-Derrick King vs Seth Knight in a series of matches with each match ending in controversy to build the fact that they have met their match.

----The week before “War Games” at “Summer Jam 2009” the show is opened with Mark Justice and Derrick King coming out to talk with Jeff O’Donald. They say after last week’s breakup of Jon Roberts and Tommy Redneck that they have request to fight each other in a “Stairway to Heaven” High Risk Title Match. And, they were the only two members left for “Team NBW”. O’Donald says they still have his SURPRISE partner, but Justice/DK say that is not going to help them right now. They call out Seth Knight and Jon Michael. DK says that Justice and him talked and wanted their partners to be the toughest guys they have ever wrestled. It was not guys that they could trust in a regular match, but they were the toughest guys they knew to help them with this task. Michael/Knight agree to tag with them. DK/Knight vs “Genocide” and Justice/Michael vs Reed/Nikels are signed for that night with both matches ending with big brawls.

----“Summer Jam” has “War Games”: Knight-King-Justice-Michael-Surprise vs Maxx/Rhino/Moore/Reed/Nikels, “Midnight Gold” vs Genocide, “Stairway to Heaven” High Risk Title: Redneck vs Roberts, “Coach Advantage” Matches – Must Win 2 Matches To Establish Which “Coach” will get to choose who starts in “War Games” [giving the advantage to their team] Anita Paige/Jeff O’Donald are the coaches of the teams. : Derrick King vs Jeremy Moore - Mark Justice vs Shawn Reed - Jon Michael vs Kid Nikels.

----Results have

-Nikels beat Michael

-Justice beat Reed

-Moore upsets DK


-“Midnight Gold” beat “Genocide”

-“Stairway to Heaven” Match – No finish as DJ Stunner/Syn surprise the fans jumping Roberts/Redneck leaving them laying and challenging them for a match next week.


-“War Games” - Anita Paige picks Kid Nikels to wrestle first and O’Donald picks his SURPISE – Dustin “Five” Starr joins them. Reed joins next and Starr takes a beating. Justice comes in to even it up. Albino Rhino next. Derrick King enters the cage next. Maxx out next and then Jon Michael. Finally, Moore joins the match, and then Seth Knight. The only two ways to win the bout are to pin your opponent or go over the top of the cage. Justice/Reed fight to the top of the cage and Justice bumps to a table. Reed jumps off the top to the table. Knight at one point takes a chokeslam from Nikels from the top. The final three left in the ring end up with Starr-Moore-DK. DK and Starr are smiling big when they go towards Moore, but then Starr turns on DK. They beat on DK with Moore pinning him. They keep beating on him until finally the babys make the save – Starr, then Moore go over the top of the cage with Moore winning ownership of NBW.

----This sets up the following for weeks to come…

-Moore names Starr President of NBW and Starr makes matches for the next few weeks as DK is out with an injury. Moore with Starr defend the tag straps against “Midnight Gold”. Gold win the belts and lose them the following week to “Genocide” [they were signed for three weeks]…Justice works Reed for the belt…Knight vs Nikels…Redneck/Biscuit vs Stunner/Syn.

----Ok, you guys can give me hell all you want. It was fun and did build for the big show and even had matches ready for AFTER the big show.

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