Sunday, May 10, 2009

Derrick King Replaced as Booker of DCW!!

----In typical Walker family fashion, Derrick King was replaced with Chris Rocker as booker of DCW tonight. King spent the week arranging for the talent to be at the show tonight assuming he was still the booker. He was informed after the show [not by the Walker family, but by people that were in the dressing room] in Dyersburg, TN tonight that they had a meeting stating that he did not work for their promotion anymore and Rocker was the booker. King just finished a three week stint with ASWF ending in a Match of the Year Candidate performance selling an angle where Dustin Starr put him out of action. What talent will stay and work for the Walkers/Rocker?? Where will Derrick King end up?? King will be answering those questions and probably many more on the special 90 minute "Shooting the Shiznit" 3-Year RRO Anniversary Special starting this Wednesday @ 10:00 AM. More details will posted about the ASWF show, DK's firing and the upcoming 3 Year Anniversary show on Monday!!