Monday, May 04, 2009

Flash Flanagan Shoots at DCW - Sometimes A Man Has To Do What A Man Has To Do

----Flash Flanagan entered the ring on Saturday night at DCW and cut a shoot promo with Dustin Starr for the “Five Starr Showcase” on how the Walkers do business at DCW. He told the crowd that they had short him on his payoff and called Sandra Walker a bitch. He told them that he quit and he would be wrestling in Ripley, TN [a place that never shorten him on his money] this coming week. Addison Walker [ref and youngest of the Walker clan] tried to get into the ring to go after Flash. It is really a good thing that Addison did not get into the ring, because Flash would have hurt him really bad. Is that kid just stupid??

----Later on in the night, Dustin Starr went for his payoff from Sandra. The Walker family [including Allen – who walked out at Spring Breakout 2009 but returned as soon as Derrick King did an injury angle so he could work ASWF for three weeks] offered Starr a job on their booking committee. They had just short Flash his money and now they were asking Starr to go behind his other friend’s back and take the booking job??? This ended with Addison smarting off to Starr and him acting like he was going to fight Starr. Is this kid that stupid?? [I am told kudos to Tim Edwards here as he stepped aside [even though he is family] when Starr ask him to when Addison was acting like he wanted to fight Starr.]

----The DCW Tag Team Titles were also put on Big Red/Tim Edwards and there was no plan whatsoever to do this – Sandra did that on her own as she was saying, “I am the boss, I can do what I want”, even though DK was considered their booker.

----If you are new to this area, you must understand that there is almost always drama going on around a Walker based promotion. And if you have been here for a while, you know what I am talking about. It has become almost legendary in this area with more than a few wrestlers refusing to work for them. Now with Starr and Flash gone – both will probably be in EWE full time – it will be interesting to see what happens with Derrick King. I have been told that there will be a meeting on Tuesday with King. It sounds like DCW may have already made a decision on firing DK, but if he is gone from Dyersburg; the DCW crew will lose more guys. Can DCW survive with most of the good workers gone?? Can they continue to have a show with them not paying people what they had promised?? Who is going to want to work for them??

----I would like to point everyone to the “Starr Treatment” as Dustin did a fantastic job writing about this. CLICK HERE to read comments and story on it from the Kayfabe Messageboard and feel free to post your own comments!!

Photo by Brian Tramel