Saturday, May 09, 2009

Greg King JR Injured!!

----Not only did we get a US JR Champion last night, but the biggest story coming out of the show will probably be the kick to the face from Eric Wayne to Greg King Jr. It was a loud sickening thud and King went down and rolled out of the ring in agony. King was screaming and at that point everyone knew something went wrong. King was in some extreme pain. I learned this morning it looks like there are two broken orbital bones and a broken sinus bone. That match had to be called and now let the controversy begin. I know its all part of the business [it is not Bingo guys], but Eric Wayne is starting to get a rep of hurting people. A big part of the business is taking care of your opponent and not maiming them also. Even though they promote a stiffer style, nothing about his is a good thing. This kind of thing is not something they will want in the big time. Greg King’s mother was real upset and can you blame her?? I also was told that Kid Nikels and Wayne had words after the show about it. I will be posting a full Arena Report probably late tomorrow night and any other updates as I get them.

Dustin Ring, US Jr Champion