Friday, May 15, 2009

Greg King Update and The Starr Treatment

----I did receive word last night that Greg King JR is doing “ok” and will probably be out for at least three months with his injuries to the face.

----As stated on the “Shooting the Shiznit” show on Wednesday morning, NEW has decided to ban all kicks to the face. Dustin Starr over at “The Starr Treatment” has done another great job covering this story and some of the stuff written by a few of his comment posters [staying kayfabed] is more than either Dustin or I knew about the situation.

----King will be returning to the doctor on Monday is what I am being told. “kingjester” reported that he has “five breaks in 3 different bones” and I have no idea who this is, but I am with Starr here – I think they are VERY CLOSE to the situation. I am hearing the breaks are in his orbital bone, something with his jaw and his nose. Starr and I are in the same situation here – because we have to rely on second hand information. Either one of us would be happy to talk to King one on one, but I think we both [sorry I am speaking for you Dustin here] are respecting his privacy here and letting him talk when he wants to talk.

----I did get a message thru Ken Wayne that Greg wanted everyone to know that he appreciates all the calls and prayers that his friends and fans have been giving him. He wants to thank you and says he will be back. So RRO does wish him a speedy recovery.

----Now, on a few things Starr said that I just didn’t get listening to the show??

-I really didn’t think Ken Wayne was questioning Greg King’s work ethic?? I have even listened to it again?? Wayne would have to personally respond to this, but his comments on him being late and such was just a joke. That was even in Yearbook 2009.

-Ken didn’t just come out and say Eric was “careless” as an overall wrestler. He was talking about it being careless on what he did Friday night; right?? Wayne would have to clear that one up also.

-And it really didn’t seem that he was passing the heat. The heat is on Eric. It was Eric’s mistake and it was Eric’s carelessness that made that happen. Did Eric mean to do it?? Nah Does Eric feel bad that it happened?? You will have to ask Eric on that one.

----Now, on a few things Starr and I did agree with…

-Just overall banning kicks may not have been the solution here. I think it should be pointed out that it is not the whole school that caused the problem – all those guys should not be punished. Guys like Austin Lane, Greg Anthony and Shawn Reed can’t do kicks??

-“kingjester” also wrote, “The problem Ken Wayne has now is a rapidly eroding reputation. The fact that the school revolves around Eric is not a secret as is the fact that he is disrespectful and does not seem to work as hard as the others. If this situation continues, The Ken Wayne School of Wrestling and NEW will die a slow and painful death.” And that goes with the idea that banning the kicks may not be the solution – it might be making Eric stay off the show for set number of weeks and train more before he gets to work again. The truth is that it does tarnish the reputation of the school. It needs to be “nipped in the bud” and have Ken do something more drastic.

----With all that said and done, we all seem to forget that Eric is Ken’s son. Not sure what I would do if I was in his shoes?? He has to set a standard for mistakes here and just banning the kick might not be the solution.