Friday, May 22, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings Wrapup 4.25 and 5.02.09

----I would like to apologize to everyone for taking so long for ratings. I will be post the last two weeks early next week and tomorrow’s show by Friday. I have also added notes on the shows as I got the chance to watch them via TIVO.


----Well, coming out a week where the rating was 0, you could only get better; right?? And they did. It scored a .8 and pretty much stayed that way the whole show. Good news because those that turned it on – they didn’t turn it off. It was also a lot of original programming, so it might give them a hint that people want to see new stuff!! This show still finished 9% lower than the yearly average, but 7% over the Channel 50 average from last year.

Overall .8 [12957 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Veronica Fairchild vs Su Yung
-Yung vs Renee
-Hart big announcement
-Bill Dundee vs Don Bass [start]
.8 [12957 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-Dundee vs Bass [finish]
-King Cobra vs Derrick King
-Hart interview
.8 [12957 viewers] [nc]

3rd Quarter
-Koko Ware vs Kevin White
-Lawler vs Troy Graham [start]
.8 [12957 viewers] [nc]

4th Quarter
-Lawler vs Graham [finish]
.7 [11338 viewers] [-1619 viewers]

Start to finish [-1619 viewers]

What was Memphis watching?? Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bares 1.9 [30773 viewers]


----Fairchild is really green, but has a good look…Renee looked good in wrestling gear…Dundee vs Bass was not good. Hollywood Jimmy had the crowd going at the front though. As noted on the Kayfabe Board, you could hear ref Jerry Calhoun calling spots during this bout and others…Derrick King was using the “Ghost of Don Bass” [heel hiding chain in trunks gimmick – officially make it “Ghost of Don Bass” from this point forth]to wrestle Cobra. RRO Wrestler of the Year – 3 Time in a row – rolled up by LEGEND Cobra for the win. OH ME!!!! I held my head down on that one…White/Ware had the best bout on the show. Just basic stuff with guys in this area that don’t know what basic psychology is – watch that bout. Ware takes a beating and White puts him over in the end…David Walls in the front row…Lawler vs Graham – a good brawl and watch all the heat that Lawler takes!!!


----This show scored big with the second biggest rating of the year and the 4th highest rating of the Channel 50 version of Memphis Wrestling. 2.21.09 scored a 2.1 [33205 viewers], but you would have to go back all the way to 09.13.08 for another show that beat it. This would be another reason for original programming as people tuned in to watch Rich/Gilbert vs Lawler/Christopher – a match they have been building for weeks promoting it for the Minglewood show. Christopher has recently been a ratings winner with his matches. The last three quarters he has appeared have averaged 23,216 viewers. That is 38% over the average of everything else that has aired this year. The show overall finished 40% over the 2009 average and 50% over last year’s Channel 50 ratings.

Overall 1.5 [24,295 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Doug Gilbert/Tommy Rich vs Lawler/Brian C [start]
1.2 [19436 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-Doug Gilbert/Tommy Rich vs Lawler/Brian C [finish]
-Dundee/Fairchild vs White/Su Yung [start]
1.8 [29,154 viewers] [+9718 viewers]

3rd Quarter
-Dundee/Fairchild vs White/Su Yung [finish]
-Nightmares vs R&R [start]
1.6 [25914 viewers] [-3420 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Nightmare vs R&R [finish]
-Lawler interview
1.4 [22675 viewers] [-3239 viewers]

From start to finish [+3239 viewers]

What was Memphis watching?? Power Rangers RPM/Care Bears 2.0 [31583 viewers]


----Doug/Tommy vs Brian C/Lawler was not as bad as I expected. Solid psychology. What would expect from these guys though?? Rich did look..well...but did ok for what they did…Fairchild looked better in the suit she was wearing here…I heard Dundee tell the ref “Get the fuck away!” LOL…Lawler did a good job getting over the fact that Rich might have looked bad, but he did a good job in the ring. Lawler also stated that another show would be May 30th and he has been talking to R&R, Austin Idol, PG-13 and Buddy Landell.