Friday, May 29, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 5.23.09

----I just posted the ratings and noticed D-Rock posted the report. I am still looking for someone to do the Memphis Wrestling report and post it within 24 hours!!

Corey Maclin welcomed everyone to another big day of wrestling action. "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart joined him. They plugged the free wrestling show at the Super K-Mart that happened, later that afternoon, as part of the special Block Party event. Hart mentioned how Corey was in the Commercial Appeal. Corey also thanked all the people at FOX13 for helping promote the Block Party event. Coming up on the show: One of the original members of The First Family, Sweet Brown Sugar, versus "Superstar" Bill Dundee in a scaffold match, A young Eddie Gilbert and Ricky Morton team up in a classic Tupelo concession stand bout against Masa Fuchi and Mr. Onita, managed by Tojo Yamamoto and in action Jerry "The King" Lawler and "Dirty" Dutch Mantel will square off in a studio match, as well as, an eight-man tag match. Jimmy Hart held up an original picture of The First Family of Professional Wrestling, featuring "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant, "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol, "Dirty" Dutch Mantel, The Dream Machine, and "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart. Also, Sam Ware from PMG will be stopping by, later in the show.

Jimmy Hart talked about the Legends of WrestleMania video game.

Classic clip of a phenomenal Tupelo concession stand brawl between Eddie Gilbert and Ricky Morton against Masa Fuchi and Mr. Onita, led by Tojo Yamamoto. Footage picked up near the end of the third fall. Fuchi was pinned by Gilbert, but Tojo slipped in and fired the salt into Gilbert's eyes while the referee was distracted with Onita and Morton. Following the match, Morton took away the Japanese fighting stick from Tojo and went to town on Tojo, Onita, and Fuchi. Then, it got crazy, as the teams fought into the nearby concession stand. Food fight! Fuchi was covered in blood and mustard. These guys destroyed the place, by using everything they could get their hands on. Eddie Marlin tried to intervene, but had no luck. At one point, Tojo took down a guy named Herman. A lady walked up to try and save her man from the crazed Tojo. Bad Call. Tojo started slapping at her. Eddie Marlin had to grab the raving Tojo. What a war this one was in Tupelo. Absolute chaos. AWESOME footage! I found this one on YouTube. Enjoy!

More classic footage with a special scaffold match, featuring "Superstar" Bill Dundee going against Sweet Brown Sugar, better known as Koko B. Ware, with his manager, Jimmy Hart, at ringside. The rules were if a wrestler got knocked off the platform twice, he loses the match, and when he is knocked off, they have a twenty count to get back to the ladder starting up again. Sugar knocked Dundee off the platform first, but Dundee rebounded and would knock Sugar down twice to get the win. Another great match that was described by Lance Russell as, "Terrifying, but spectacular".

Jimmy Hart showed off one of his old albums named Outrageous Conduct, that he said Jerry "The King" Lawler did all the artwork for. Or was it David Burcham? Hmmm...

Eight-Man Tag Action, featuring The Dream Machine, The Heartbreakers and The Nightmare Ken Wayne taking on "Superstar" Bill Dundee, Steve Keirn, and Rick and Robert Gibson. Dundee picked up the win with a sunset flip on The Nightmare. Following the pin, all hell broke loose, as all eight men hit the ring. Jimmy Hart ran in, hitting Dundee's team with a cane for a brief moment until Bill grabbed it from him and chased The First Family away.

Sam Ware from Payroll Management Group joined Corey and Jimmy. Sam had the new PMG shirts with him. They talked about the show at Raleigh-Frayser.

Studio footage of a Loser Leaves Town Match for the Southern Heavyweight Title between "Dirty" Dutch Mantel and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Clip started with Mantel issuing the challenge to Lawler. Lawler accepted and the match was underway. Dutch used a chair on Jerry. Dutch attempted a piledriver on the floor, but Jerry reversed it. Then, Lawler hit Mantel with a chair and took the strap down. After taking a whooping for a little while, Dutch decided to retreat from the ring and told Lawler that he was, the toughest son-of-a-gun he's ever fought in his life. Mantel asked Lawler to come down to the announce table and bury the hatchet. Dutch would go on to ask Jerry to become his partner and form a team because everytime they wrestle each other, The First Family and The Midnight Express are wanting them to beat each other's brains out. Following a sincere handshake, Dutch, suddenly, jumped Lawler. Then, Mantel bashed Lawler in the skull with a chair and threw him in the ring. Once in the ring, Mantel piledrived "The King" and pinned him, slapping his hands to the mat for the three count. Dutch walked back over to the announce table, grabbed the belt and said, "Excuse me, Lance. I think this belongs to me and somebody needs to help Lawler find a way out of there."

They plugged Corey Maclin's new website

Back from break, they ended the show with Sam Ware shown at a computer, visiting Jimmy Hart walked in and asked Sam what he was doing. Sam explained to Jimmy that he was making a donation. Jimmy said he was donating one dollar now and asked Sam if they had change and asked for a receipt too. Jimmy Hart said he was going to be Corey's campaign manager. Sam responded, by saying, that he was going to be the campaign manager. Jimmy added that Tracy called him the other day and said he was going to be the campaign manager. Sam stated that Lawler called, saying he was going to be the campaign manager. Then, Jimmy said that Hulkster called him, yesterday, and left it on his answering machine, saying that Corey had called him about being the campaign manager. A flustered Hart then grabbed his dollar back, but gave it back, again, saying, "What's a buck, right? Maybe that will help. I'm campaign manager!" Funny stuff with Jimmy Hart and his one dollar bill.

They did a good job promoting the free wrestling show. Hopefully, they will have highlights on this week's show.

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