Thursday, May 07, 2009

RaslleResults: NBW Newbern, TN Results Wrapup 4.25 and 5.02.09


Phoenix X def. Kyd Psycho

Norrin Radd def. Tigerface

Suicide def. Tommy Redneck

Brandon Barbwire def. The Kid

Jeremy Moore/Sarge def. Syn/Stunner by DQ when XOW jumped in. XOW proceeded to handcuff Moore to the ringpost until Hollywood Jimmy beat Sarge with a Crowbar and bloodied him up bad. Faces finally made the save but not before the damage was done!

Maverick def. Mark Justice in a non-title match

Crowd was around 80-90 for a great show. The angle w/ Sarge, Moore, and XOW had Major heat!


Show opens with XOW coming to the ring led by Hollywood Jimmy, this time they were all dressed in black and were coming out in remembrance of Sarge. XOW staged a funeral claiming Sarge had died. And tonight there would be no Sarge and Mickey Ray here. They kept rambling on until the music hit and the F.O.P. hit the ring a a big pop! FOP said tonight they were gonna hand Syn and Stunner a beating!

Norrin Radd def. Tommy Redneck via tapout

TigerFace def. Ozwick

Biscuit def. Suicide

Law & Order – Tim Davis/Ricky Hayes - called Hollywood Jimmy out and said that they were here to restore order and all he was doing was disrupting, and that tonight they were going to teach him a lesson. This prompted some of the XOW guys to jump Law & Order, only for Erik Hayes to save! They then introduced Jeremy Moore as Erik Hayes partner tonight against Brandon Barbwire and Jason the brain. On top of that Ricky Hayes said he was sick of Lil Bit getting involved in everything thing and that tonight he was dusting off the boots and making it a 6 man tag!

Ricky Andrews came to the ring and said he was glad to be back, and that at Spring Breakout he did what he said he would do and that’s beat Tank. He said the reason he was here was to formally challenge Brandon Barbwire for the High Risk Championship!

Jeremy Moore/Erik and Ricky Hayes vs. XOW was thrown out after Max Steele attacked Jeremy Moore and delivered a devastating spinebuster.

Mark Justice def. Maverick to retain the NBW Championship

Syn/Stunner def. The FOP. Post match XOW jumped FOP and Sarge and Mickey fought them off and challenged for a rematch this week!

Crowd was up this week with around 120 and they were HOT! Show was great this week.

Credit: NBWnewsguy