Monday, May 18, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 5.16.09

Our show started off with the national anthem followed by a little fun for the kids. Captain Carney would take to ringside and do some juggling acts for the children in the audience.

Our first match was between Mark Wolfe and Regulator. These two would waste no time in taking their aggression out on each other. Mark would come off very strong and maintain control for a good portion of the match. Well, until Regulator would pull out a foreign object and use it blatantly in front of the referee. That would earn Regulator a disqualification and give Mark Wolfe the win.

The second match of the evening was no different from the past three weeks Judgment would take on Mac Daddy in an all out brawl. Judgment would pull out all the dirty tricks to take advantage of Mac Daddy. Judgment would loose the match by DQ but would get a rope from under the ring and toss Mac Daddy over the top rope to try and hang him. Mac Daddy was finally released by Judgment and had to be helped to the back.

Our third match was for the European Championship. Hot Rod John Ellison would take on the Renegade Superstar Christopher Lee. Just when you thought this match could not get anything better, Lee had a surprise for Ellison. Tim Hanson would return to special guest referee this title match. Ellison would try to use a steel chair to cause further pain on Lee but Hanson would step in and take it away from him. Ellison would be DQ’d and Lee would win the match.

Tonight’s fourth match would be a tag team made in……well you get the idea. LSD’s Cody Only and Idol Bane would take on Cason McClain and Josh Cydell. Cody Only would come out as a dominant force in the beginning of the match. Unfortunately for Cody Only, Cydell and McClain would resort to dirty tactics to gain them the control of the match. But it was when Cody landed his finisher the LTO and the tide of the match would change back to LSD’s favor. LSD would get the win.

In our fifth match tonight, Mr. Entertainment Casino would take on Cody Murdoch in a first ever “Nursing Home Match”. Murdoch brought a collection of weapons to use from a keyboard from the nurses station, a walking cane, and baby powder. Casino and Murdoch would not give any ground tonight. Casino would set up two chairs on the outside of the ring and a table on top of the chairs. Fortunately for Murdoch he would not be put through the makeshift table. Murdoch would gain back control and set up to chairs to try to put Casino through. Casino would fight back and knock Murdoch on the outside apron and climb up to the middle turnbuckle. Murdoch and Casino would begin exchanging rights at the same time when Murdoch would fall onto the makeshift table. Casino would fall onto the two side by side chairs and both would be knocked out. The match would result in a no contest.

The sixth match of the evening would be Austin Lane vs Bill Dundee. The Superstar Bill Dundee would be in control for the entire match. Austin would try to make a good comeback but would fail to gain control. Dundee would be ruthless and take home the victory. Lane would challenge Dundee to a match next week and would leave Dundee lying in the aisle after a huge right arm.

After Regulator blatantly cheated in the first match he would have to face Malibu Matt Boyce per the Commissioner. Since Regulator like cheating Boyce said he would take care of Regulators problem. Matt would be a real strong opponent in this fight. However the former X-Division star would pull out all the stops and to the crowds surprise would win via pin fall.

The eighth match of the night would be for the ASWF Tag Team Titles. Demon X and Johnny Harper would face Morgan Williams and X-Kaliber. The former American Degenerates (Williams and X-Kaliber) would stay strong throughout the match. Demon X and Johnny Harper would put on the best fight for the titles we have seen yet, but tonight would just not be enough. Morgan and X-Kaliber would walk away with the titles.

Our semi main event of the night was for the ASWF Heavyweight Title. Tommy Wayne and Johnny Hawk would fight to the finish for the gold. Tommy would fight like an animal that had been caged. He would gain control of the match and the title.

The main event of the night is one that will stick out for a while. Ray Ray vs Justin “The Juice” Smart would go mano y mano for the ASWF X-Division Title. Ray and Justin would use every weapon they could get their hands on, from kendo sticks, chairs, 2X4’s, and metal sheets. Ray and Justin would finally start wearing each other down. Ray would finally be able to take a 2X4 to the arm of Justin Smart and get him in a pin for the win.

Credit: Terrance Ward

----No attendance was given...Dundee booking must have been something done during the week. There was no mention of it last week at the show...Not mentioned here and I forgot to mention it in the Arena Report, but Wayne had put his hair up against Hawk. Not sure if they continued with that, but good to see Wayne with the belt back.