Monday, May 25, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 5.23.09

What a show we had tonight! Commissioner T-Bone Terrence Ward, Magic Man Jimmy Rhodes, and Alex Martin would take to the announcers table to begin this exciting night of wrestling. Before things would get started, T-Bone asked Jimmy what the big black box was that has been setting in the arena the last couple of weeks. Jimmy Stated that he had been working on a few magic tricks. He began to say a few magic words and Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock would magically appear in the box. Blaylock would take to the ring and state today was his 30th birthday and he had some friends to help him celebrate it. Well to say none the least his birthday “party” would be ruined by some unique gifts.

Our first match of the night would start off for the ASWF Tag Team Titles. X-Kaliber/Morgan Williams would take on Team Hollister’s Jamie Jay and Jamie Lee. This would be a very exciting match. Jamie Lee would stay in control for the first part of the match, which was a surprise for most of the crowd, considering X-Kaliber is a former Heavyweight, Tag Team, and X-Division Champion. After a few tag exchanges X-Kaliber would gain control and get the win.

The second match was a Bull Rope Match between MacDaddy and Judgment. Judgment at first refused to participate in this match, so Commissioner Ward would tell Judgment that he would either fight or get fired. The rules of this match would be either by pin fall, KO, or touching all four top turnbuckles consecutively. MacDaddy would punish Judgment by using the bull rope to all its advantages. Judgment would somehow get MacDaddy up on his shoulders and begin tagging each corner but MacDaddy would outsmart Judgment and be touching the same turnbuckles and tag the fourth one before Judgment getting the win.

The third match was LSD taking on Cody Murdoch and Sancho Libre. LSD would maintain control for the entire match and make a huge impression on the Murdoch/Libre Tag Team. LSD would get the pin.

Our fourth match was between the current European Champion Hot Rod and Tim Hanson. Tim issued a challenge to Hot Rod last week for the title. Tim Hanson would be a strong opponent for the ASWF Hall of Famer. He would almost get a win until David Cox would interfere, costing Hanson the match. Hanson would challenge him to a match next week. Hot Rod would up the ante and add that David Cox would be the special guest referee and the title would be on the line.

The feature match of the night would be the Beach Bums (Mark Wolfe/Kaliki) vs. Johnny Hawk and Regulator. Regulator would be under the wing of his new tag team partner through the match. But just when you thought the Beach Bums were out of the match they came back with an impressive return and would win the match. However, Regulator would not be so fortunate and would get the blunt of Hawk’s frustration.

Our semi-main event was between the Heavyweight Champion Tommy Wayne and Justin “The Juice” Smart. The Juice would be fierce in this match not letting up one time. After every strong hit Tommy would seem to have given up. But he then began to fight back against Smart and just when he did it was shot down. Smart would win the match but not the title. The Commissioner stated that he has earned a title shot next week.

The main event was a no DQ featuring Bill Dundee with Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock vs. Austin Lane. Bill Dundee was a powerhouse in this match. Well until Blaylock started helping Dundee win his match. Hollywood Jimmy would tell the Commissioner to quit talking about him and that he was getting sick of his mouthing until finally, Blaylock would hit T-Bone in the head with his cane. Even amongst this carnage Austin would pull out the win.

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