Sunday, May 24, 2009

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 5.23.09

1st match Oz v/s Gunner Thompson ...Gunner Thompson won

2nd match Gaylon Ray and AJ Ray v/s Big Tim and Big Red for tag team title shot...Gaylon Ray and AJ Ray are your new tag team champions

3rd match Chris Rocker v/s Shannon Lee...Rocker won

4th match Bishop v's Jason Reed...Jason Reed Won

5th match Motley Cruz v/s Bitty Little... Motley hit Bitty in the head with a chain and busted him open then Miles the ref gave Bitty a low blow and they both was beating on him and out came HollyWood [the midget] for the save.

6th match Derrick King v/s Wolfie D w/ Angelina...Derrick And Wolfie was playing tug a war with the hugcap and it hit Wolfie D in the head and Derrick went for the pin then that did not work so Derrick hit him again and was going for the pin. Angelina was too late to save Wolfie D so Derrick won. He then got a hold of Angelina and superkicked her in the face and busted her nose then he gave her a DDT and poured a bottle of water in her face.

90 in the crowd counting the workers family

Credit: Spiritof2009

----Who is AJ Ray??...How long has it been since Bitty worked Dyersburg??...This is DK's last show - he will be working NBW from this point on.