Tuesday, May 19, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 5.09 - Dustin Starr vs Stan Lee for Mayhem!!

Dustin "Five" Starr comes out to host yet another edition of the Five Starr Showcase for the close to 150 in attendance. He says week after week, he climbs between the ropes and makes everyone’s night, and that's the reason he has the Elite 8 ticket to take on Stan Lee, the EWE Heavyweight Champion that nobody has seen in weeks because Starr jumped off the ropes and broke Lee’s leg. He says that Stan Lee will not make it to MAYHEM, and that Commissioner Baker needs to hand the championship belt over to him to speed up the process. Flash Flanagan comes out instead, reminding him of the match between the two of them tonight. Starr says that Flanagan wasn't even in the company when he won the ticket, and he's being screwed. Flanagan says that Starr is right, he wasn't with the company when he won it, but he's here now and everyone is looking at the number one contender. Flash says if Starr wants to go for it now, then theres no reason to wait. Starr shruggs Flanagan off and makes his way back to the locker room. Flash makes note of a member of the security team, Jerry's birthday. Everyone sings happy birthday, Jerry gives Flash a hearty handshake, and goes over to the cake that has been made for him. Just as Jerry looks down at the cake, Dustin Starr comes back out and splashes the cake all over Jerry. As Jerry tries to figure out what just happened, Flanagan goes to the back for Starr.

Shawn Reed def. Rockin' Randy via pinfall.

Premiere Brutality def. Shannon Lee and Tommy Jones via pinfall. After the match is over, a video is played from Genocide. The Albino Rhino congratulates the both of them, saying that they have done something that nobody else in the EWE has been able to do, and that's leave them laying in the ring. Rhino says that they sent Maxx Corbin to the hospital, but they didn't kill him. He says that Premiere Brutality was smart because they brought weapons. The brought their little handcuffs. But he goes on to say that Genocide doesn’t need weapons to beat Wayne and Nikels. The video cuts and Premiere Brutality make their way to the locker room.

Ike Tucker def. Wicked via pinfall.

Picture Perfect with Tatt2 def. The Badd Guys with J.R. Manson via pinfall.

Commissioner Dustin Baker comes out to make a couple of announcements, but makes a comment about why his foot is in a cast. Baker says that he was involved in a hit and run accident the other day, but the only injury was a fractured bone in his foot. He then goes on to remind everyone about MAYHEM coming up in two weeks. While explaining some of the festivities that will be going on, Jon Michael makes his way to the ring. He says that he came out to talk about MAYHEM, but he also wants to address something else. He says that he's been attacked, left down on his back, powerbombed over and over again to the point where he could not provide for his family. He says he's sat at his dads house, and his dad asked him if it's worth it, and he began to think to himself if it's worth it. He says that he went to elitewrestlingentertainment.com and watched Scott's words one more time, and when he heard Adams talk about his daughter, he thought to himself that it's worth it. He said that he's going to fight Scott Adams at MAYHEM, but until then, the actions that have already happened will fuel him until MAYHEM. He then asks Commissioner Baker for one more favor. He asks Baker to make the match a No Holds Barred match. He also wants the powerbomb unbanned because he says who knows, he just might powerbomb Scott Adams. Baker says if that's what he wants, then he has his match.

The match between Dustin Starr and Flash Flanagan is next. After the match is underway for a while, Starr goes for Flanagan in the corner, but finds the referee instead, knocking him out. Starr pins Flanagan, but nobody is there to count the pin. Flanagan regains control and pins Starr. Jerry slides into the ring and gives the three count, giving Flash the apparent victory. Krisis comes from the back and attacks Flanagan with his chain, and Starr makes the pin as the referee wakes up, and delivers the three count. The official winner of the match is Dustin "Five" Starr via pinfall. Starr will go on to face Stan Lee for the EWE Heavyweight Championship at MAYHEM.

Full length videos, as well as all the details about MAYHEM are available on EliteWrestlingEntertainment.com.

Credit: Dustin Williams