Tuesday, May 12, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 5.09.09

Dustin “Five” Starr comes out to address about 175 fans and to host another edition of the “Five Starr Showcase.” He says that he told everyone that if he didn’t get is opportunity at the Elite 8, that he would take it. And one month later, he holds the ticket that entitles him to compete May 30th at Mayhem for the EWE Heavyweight Championship. He says that he knows that he will make it, but he’s not sure if Stan Lee will be able to make it. He says that his school football coach told him one day that when someone writes someone else a letter or a note in red ink, it’s the same thing as giving them the bird. Starr then plays a clip of the previous week where he attacked Stan Lee in the ring, putting him out of contention. He says last week he sent a message by crippling Stan Lee with a steel chair. Krisis’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring to confront Dustin Starr. Starr says that they have the same goals in mind, and that’s beating the hell out of Stan Lee, and he sent a message to Lee in red ink. Krisis grabs the mic and says that the Elite 8 ticket was his, and that he went through ten guys to get it. He says tonight, it will be Krisis vs. Dustin Starr. A familiar song hits on the PA system, and out comes none other than Flash Flanagan to a hearty welcome from his fans in Ripley, Tennessee. Starr and Krisis both take a corner and ask what he’s doing there. He said that he told Starr that he would be back, and says that the title shot means so much to Starr, but he’s come to take it. Starr says that he thinks it’s kind of cute that both of these guys come out to try to take the title shot away from him. Flanagan said that Starr just stepped in the ring surrounded by a bunch of Flashamaniacs and for him to back it up. Commissioner Dustin Baker says that he’s going to make the decisions around here. He welcomes Flash back to Ripley, then makes two matches. It will be Krisis vs. Flash Flanagan and the winner will take on Dustin Starr next week for the Elite 8 ticket. Starr says that he looks forward to seeing Flanagan and Krisis beat the hell out of each other later tonight, then exits the arena.

The next matchup is J.R. Manson vs. Christian Jacobs, but before the match got underway, a message was sent for Picture Perfect. “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony appears on the screen and by his side are Brian Thompson and Beautiful Bobby Eaton. He says that he got a call from Brian asking him to tag with Bobby. Brian says that in order to be called elite, you must present the most elite. Brian says it doesn’t matter if Greg Anthony has long locks, short locks or no locks at all, that he’s still as good as gold. J.R. then goes to work on Christian Jacobs. In the end, Jacobs forces Manson to tap out after locking in the sharpshooter. After the match, Scott Adams comes to the ring and stares down Jacobs. C.J. then goes to work on Adams, only to be thrown down to the mat. Adams picks up Jacobs and delivers a devastating powerbomb, then picks him up for one more, but is interrupted by Commissioner Baker. Baker says that the powerbomb is officially banned from the EWE, and if Adams does one more, he’s suspended. Adams throws Jacobs to the ground and walks out of the ring and goes to the announcer table. He says that Jon Michael has had a week to think about it, and puts the contract for a match at Mayhem on the table and walks away. J.R. Manson comes to the ring, takes the belt off the referee and raises his hand to hit C.J. with it, but Tatt2 comes out and Manson hits the arena floor. Tatt2 says that it appears that Manson likes to use straps, and that he isn’t on the card yet for Mayhem, and proposes a strap match, but not just any strap match. He proposes that it be a fan’s strap match, where the fans will be able to bring their own straps and hit J.R. as he’s thrown from the ring. J.R. leaves the arena as Tatt2 prepares for his match, which is next.

Tatt2 def. Eric Wayne via pinfall. J.R. Manson tried to interfere with the match, but was not successful.

Jon Michael def. Kid Nikels via pinfall. After the match, Jon Michael comes to the announcer table and signs the contract, making the match between him and Scott Adams at Mayhem official. As Jon Michael makes his way up the ramp, Adams attacks him and throws him in the ring. Adams delivers a powerbomb, and is immediately suspended by Commissioner Baker. Baker has security escort Adams out of the arena. Security comes back to assist Jon Michael out of the ring, with apparent injuries to his back and hips.

Genocide def. The Badd Guys via pinfall. After the match was over and Genocide was celebrating in front of the camera, Premiere Brutality comes to the ring and starts assaulting Genocide. Kid Nikels brings Maxx Corbin down and handcuffs him to the bottom rope as Eric Wayne throws a powdery substance at the Albino Rhino, then handcuffs him to the top rope. Premiere Brutality assaults Genocide while they are attatched to the ring, then leave the arena. After a couple of minutes, Genocide is finally removed from the ring and they make their way to the locker room.

Dustin Starr def. Sean Reed via pinfall. After the match, Starr sits down beside Mark Tipton to co-commentate the next match.

Flash Flanagan def. Krisis by pinfall, earning him a match against Dustin Starr next week for the Elite 8 ticket. Dustin Starr interferes with the match, but Flash manages to score the pinfall.

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Credit: Dustin Williams

----Eric Wayne had three losses this weekend?? Damn he had a bad weekend...Banning the powerbomb?? That is just silly. I could see if it was something like a piledriver that hurts the neck, but a powerbomb??..."Picture Perfect" vs "Midnight Gold" and probably Starr vs Lee for "Mayhem" - should be a good show!!